Sam Virakocha Sinha

The Regressive Left and Their Selective Outrage

Have you ever heard of the word Judaismophobia? No? Nazismophobia? Fascismophobia? Imperialismophobia? Not even these? Imagine that your ideology is what you hold dear to your heart, and you want to forbid its criticism completely. In other words, imagine that you want to impose your ideological perspectives(and delusions) on the society, and you want no contrarian's voice. None. If someone happens to criticize your ideology, you will silence that voice not in the traditional totalitarian way like what we have seen in Stalin's USSR and Hitler's Germany, but in a more sophisticated way that can be actively backed and patted on by a section of the Left. At the same time, without compromising your ideology, you want to act the victim and vilify anyone who attempts to criticize you. All you need to do is to identify the ignorance that already prevails and coin a new term (or, a non-term, actually) by adding a "phobia" just after the name of your preferred ideology. If the term gets approved by a particular section of the Left, it's DONE. Popularize the 'term' you have just invented and your ideology will be immune to all criticism.