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Does New Atheism Come from a Pessimistic Worldview of our Life?

I attended a seminar at our university recently; and there was one speaker came for presentation arguing about how atheism is purely emotional. He brought some examples like one Malaysian best student who became atheist and the reason was mostly due to emotional issue. I had similar view in the past and emotion does matter when I was continuously refused for scholarship that I applied. I can associate this atheism with Marxism. Karl Marx sent a letter to Darwin thinking maybe Karl Marx would get support from Darwin. There is indeed very thread line when it comes to atheism that Richard Dawkins was trying to convince. I remember I sent an essay in Muktomna when BUET student committed suicide and Police Chef in detective branch Harun made a press conference saying Fardin used to read Nietzsche and Camus's works. My essay was declined by Muktomona. Last week when I joined the conference and the speaker was trying to claim that atheism is related to emotional state of us and nothing to do with facts and the speaker claimed how come something came from nothing? That is absurd. My mind was saying that the speaker must be bullshiting or he did not read Lawrence Krauss "A Universe from Nothing”. I thought about Dawkin's "The Blind Watchmaker”. Avijit wrote on this also as I read in Bengali last time.


Homo-sexuality - Where do you set the bar of rights?

More than 20 years ago, when I was studying in the United States between the years 2004-2006, I first became close friends with a group of LGBTQI+ activists on campus. Unfortunately, even in a 'so-called' liberal country like America back then, some couldn't fathom why I had befriended as a best friend the President of their committee, while being a straight heterosexual person myself. I was a young and reckless person myself, but what I didn't like is the fact that once upon a time my homosexual friend had been attacked and beaten up for coming out as he is.