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Dr Avijit Roy - Light to Young Learners

I am never satisfied with my limited knowledge. I was reading Aroj Ali Matabbor. Sristi Rohosso, Sttor Shondhane and Onuman I finished reading. Not sure why I downloaded the book from Muktomona "Shokhi Valobasa Kare Koi". I took psychology of religion and History and Philosophy of Psychology as audit course this semester. One thing I noticed that lecturer covered all the major theories of psychology in classes till cognitive psychology.


Bangladesh Government - A Careless Custodian – the escape of Avijit Roy's Assassins

The majority people of Bangladesh accuse the Bangladesh police as the most corrupt government organization compared to other law and enforcement organizations. Freedom of speech is the right for every citizen of a democratic country. Recently the murderers of Avijit Roy fled after they are convicted by court. It is quite surprising that any convicted criminal could escape without any kind of internal assistance. It can be assumed that they could not get away by themselves rather they were helped to run away through internal or external intervention. It just cannot happen otherwise. Also, it seems the news was deliberately downplayed by the Bangladeshi Media.


Razel - About Homosexuality in Bangladesh

~ Md Abdul Bachith Razel