Md. Jane Alam

Scenario Bangladesh -Crack down upon free-thinkers; A back way Journey towards medieval Age

Bangladesh Government has cracked down upon the free-thought young bloggers & already arrested some of them, exposed them publicly before media with their horrible weapons (?) like laptops & PC & sent them to police remand as common criminals. It is quite an awful, unexpected, disappointing, heartbreaking and finally disgusting phenomenon to the enlightened people, as well as the pro-liberation forces of the country to see that the government of Peoples' Republic of Bangladesh begins to arrest the free-thought bloggers and putting them behind the bar without any proof of any specific allegation of so-called blashfamy against them, simply in compliance with the demand of the religious bigots, like so-called Hefazat-e-Islam, backed by the Jammat-e-Islam, a war criminal organisation.