Why should Bangladesh have Ombudsman institution?

'At the heart of the theory of democracy rests a cardinal premise: Dignity of the representatives and rights of the citizens.'


ACC impasse and the people's perception

The nation still remembers and applauds the tireless, albeit futile efforts of General (rtd.) Hassan Mashhood Chowdhury (HMC) along with his three comrades, namely Dr. Ali Akbar Ali Khan, Advocate Sultana Kamal and C. M Shafi Sami for holding a free and fair election as advisors during the chaotic era of the caretaker government headed by Prof. Iazuddin Ahmed and their subsequent resignations in protest of partisan role of the professor as CG head. After the installation of the army backed interim government HMC took the captaincy of ACC and since then he had been working hard to covert ACC an empowered, effective and efficient organisation from the state of weak and fragile one until his recent resignation from the position. Yes, he has succeeded much with his honest, sincere and dynamic leadership. In this country, once the powerful people of the highest echelon of the society, who were at or near the power centre, strongly believed that they were securely insulated and so whatever crimes they do law would not touch them. ACC, under the prudent leadership of HMC has successfully dismantled this wrongly perceived attitude. Due to ACC's bold step, powerful political stalwarts, high profile bureaucrats and business magnets of the country have come under the law for their severe misdeeds and misappropriation of public funds. However, due to time and resource constraints ACC could not finish its massive task during the interim government. Now the question arises, especially in the context of recent developments centring ACC, what will be the future course of this constitutional organisation under the regime of the political government? Honourable Prime Minister's statements on ACC in the parliament, the resignation of the ACC chief and subsequent summoning of ACC commissioners by the Parliamentary Standing Committee on Public undertakings have generated a smokescreen indeed.


Yesterday, it was Koko; today, it is Khondeker Mosharraf Hossein

~ A.H. Jaffor Ullah