A phone call

Published on Wednesday, July 3, 2019

As I was having lunch, sitting alone at the dining table, my phone rang and vibrated. So, I took the phone out of my pocket and glanced at the screen. It was her. I cut the call, thinking I would call her after lunch and put the phone on the table. Right away, the phone rang again, her name jerking on the screen. It might be an urgent call. Thus, I might as well have received the call and held the phone to my ear. Just as I said, 'Hello', she scolded me for cutting the call, saying I had been chatting with another girl over a messenger, not giving me a chance to explain why I had done this. She threatened me not to phone me ever in her life if I cut her call ever. When I tried to say after falling for her, I hadn't even looked at the other girls, she stopped me and called me a pathological liar. I swore on her that I didn't lie. Thereupon, she forbade me to swear on her. She told that she should have deserted me before, but she couldn't do it out of sympathy.

She blamed me for various things and threatened me to abandon. As I tried to protest in a timid voice, she refrained me. When I didn't respond, she admonished me for not responding. She called me feather-head without a reason. Knowing that her chatter would prolong, at one stage, I resumed having lunch and replied to her queries, saying 'hmm and yes,' and she seemed content with it. Being occupied with her talking, she didn't even realize I was taking lunch. While talking about my imaginary affair with her close friend, at one point, she gave such a shriek that food stuck in my throat. Despite striving, no sound released from my mouth. Now she demanded my response in the matter and called me a fraud.

I coughed, and she said my guilt made me cough. And I became flushed, turning pale. The phone fell on the table, and I grabbed my throats with my both hands. A severe pain hit in my chest. To remove the food, I drank a glass of water, but it was not much help. My strength waned. I felt dizzy and struggle to stand in vain. Therefore, I crawled to my bedroom, climbed into the bed, inserted my index and middle fingers into the throat and vomited on the floor. Thereupon, perspiration broke out on my skin, and I fell almost unconscious. A moment later, I recalled the phone call and got up. A moment later, I trudged to the dining table and collapsed on the chair, my lips parted and eyes half closed. I picked up the phone and put it to my ear. Now she was muttering about my imaginary affair with her another friend, scolding me and threatening me to leave.

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