The guilt

Published on Thursday, June 20, 2019

The batsman hit a six, and the ball landed on a nearby tin-shed house. And Nishat, a fielder, chased the ball. As he was casting around for the ball in the yard, the woman emerged from the room, wearing a sleeveless top. Though the woman was his friend's mother, his friend was living in his maternal uncle's house then, he couldn't take his eyes off the sensual curve of her ample breast and her bare plump arms. In fact, his tiny penis hardened under his trouser.

That night, When Nishat went to bed, a vivid image of the voluptuous curve of the woman's boobs invaded his mind. A moment later, he discovered himself standing in the backyard of the woman's house. Then he tiptoed near the bedside window, stood on his toes and peered through the window. His friend's mother was lying down supine and still, her heavy bust bare and illuminated with moonlight, snoring gently. Gripping a window grill with his left hand, he climbed to the floor silently. He stared at the naked bosom and ran his tongue over his lips several times. Afterward, he slid his right hand through the window and pulled out immediately. After repeating this thing a few times, eventually, he laid his trembling right hand above her left bust. Sweat started to trickle down his body, and his hand became paralyzed. He tried to pull back his hand but couldn't succeed in. At one stage, his hand dropped on the left boob like a dead leaf. As his hand felt the numb nipple and smooth skin of the boob, electricity flowed through his body. Thus, his body stiffened and eyes dimmed. A while later, when he gained strength, he caressed the boob and squeezed the nipple softly. Indeed, he started to play with the middle-aged woman's breast. Suddenly, she stopped snoring, and her nipple hardened. Thereupon, he yanked his hand back and descended the floor.

He carried on going to the house at night and became adept at playing with her boobs a long time without waking her up.

One night, when he showed up at the window, he heard the woman groaning. He had learned this sound from pornographic movies. Usually, women utter this sound while having sex. But the woman couldn't have intercourse now, for her husband was not at home- he had been living in the middle east for four years. Perhaps, she was making love with her secret lover. He yearned to watch the scene and know who the guy was. Therefore, he shinned up an adjacent mango tree and peeped through the window. The housewife was touching her genitals alone, writhing like a caterpillar, with a gaping mouth.

The next night, he appeared at the house with a knife in his hand. At first, he crept near the window to check if the woman was asleep. Then he turned up at the door and inserted the knife carefully into the door's middle crack and slid back the wooden bolt a little with the knife. Doing the thing many times, at length, he managed to unlatch the door.

The woman in her sleep felt a tiny thing being penetrated her vagina. Later, the thing started to move in and out slowly, the movement of the thing that made her half awake. She opened her eyes and spotted Nishat, her son's friend and remote nephew, on his knees before her pelvis, moving quietly, holding her legs up. It seemed to her like caressing, and besides it lulled her back to sleep.

One night, a boy from neighborhood bumped into Nishat sneaking away from the house. The boy asked him, "Why did you go to the house at this hour of the night." Nishat Couldn't provide any satisfactory answer. Therefore, the boy grew suspicious and made him admit the truth by interrogating. After that, the boy demanded to escort him to the women the next night. When Nishat differed, the boy threatened him to convey the truth to his parents.

Inevitably, Nishat and the boy appeared before the door of the house the next night. Like before, Nishat drew-back the bolt with the knife and unbolted the door. After that, the boy urged Nishat to watch over, and he stepped into the room.

The woman felt a grasp on her boobs, the grasp that woke her up fully. Right away, a doubt raised in her, and she wanted to be sure if it was Nishat or somebody else. But the pleasure she was getting from the foreplay kept her eyes closed. After the foreplay, her legs automatically rose up, exposing her pelvis ready to take something inside. Immediately, a large thing slipped into her vagina and started moving to in and out like a piston. The woman's body convulsed with the motion of the thing. Her hands grabbed the bed cover and her mouth dropped open, and she began to moan loudly with the bedstead creaking.

Just as perspiration broke out on her skin, she opened her eyes and noticed an older boy moving before her pelvis like a bull. What she was doing- making love with a person that was not her husband! She felt a pang of terrible guilt, the guilt that made her shriek and kick the boy hard.

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