Life is nothing but foreplay

Published on Wednesday, May 15, 2019

After the sensational foreplay, when he was about to thrust his bulge, she said, moaning, "Wait a moment, please" and moved her pelvis aside. Straight away, she ceased groaning and sat up facing him seated in a sex position- standing on knees, bending down the upper body and holding the bulge with his right hand. Then she grabbed the cell phone, climbed out of the bed, walked to the door and pulled it open. In the meantime, he lost his erection. Turning around, she waved him to come near. When he approached her, she pushed him out of the door and said in a soft tone, "Wait a moment here, please. I won't take long" while pressing the buttons on the cell phone. He glanced at her body and abhorred it because it looked stark naked and alone without the coating of sexual desire.

In the dining room, he heard the wall clock ticking, the ticking that made him aware of his own heartbeat. He walked to the sofa and settled himself down on it. A moment later, curiosity took over him, which rose him on his foot. Inevitably, he charged to the door and banged on it a few times, but he didn't hear any footstep approaching. Thus, he returned and sprawled out on the sofa again. After a while, a childhood memory stirred up in his mind.

His elder paternal uncle used to be an army soldier and live in Dhaka Cantonment. At the age of around eight, he once visited his uncle's dwelling with his mother, younger siblings, and the youngest paternal uncle. One afternoon, on the way to the National Museum, they waited at the MES bus stand for a bus.

As we were waiting at the bus stand, suddenly, I became oblivious to who I am, where I have come from, where to go to, where I am now and why. I kept gaping at a nearby grocery shop, and my whole world contracted into it, being unaware of everything around me: the people, their howling, walking and various activities; the road and the vehicles running along and the whole earth. In a word, I appeared unmindful of everything I had been aware of or the things that had been into my knowledge earlier. All noises gradually died away; my eyesight failed to see anything. Eventually, my existence shrunk into an infinite density. Indeed, my time halted like that of an astronaut that has come so close to a black-hole. I, however, didn't go unconscious; in fact, I was aware of being unaware of everything.

Time started with the clock ticking, the heart beating, the bedroom door ajar, and no trace of her. The moving time made him unrest, so he rolled out of the sofa, got into the bathroom, shaved his stubble face and took a long shower, the shower that gave him a vigor. Outside the bathroom, he felt a void caused by her absence, the void that, he thought, wouldn't fill again with her presence. Subsequently, the vigor and the void blend and made a strange and complicated feeling he had never experienced.

Seated at the dining table, he had his breakfast with bread, mayonnaise, and fruits. Then he drank up a mug of coffee.

Entered the bedroom, he pulled on a cigarette as he snatched his e-Book reader, turned it on, enabled the Wi-Fi, downloaded an erotic novel, lay down on his bed and poured over the novel. After sucking on the cigarette, he thrust the cigarette end into the ashtray.

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