A strange love

Published on Friday, April 5, 2019

After splashing around in the sea long time, when I eased off, an enormous wave crashed over me. It stroked me down and, to my surprise, I discovered a girl prostrated upon me. Her female organs made my body shudder. But she raised to her feet straightway, apologized for the incident and informed me while floating in the water, an enormous wave threw her at me. Soaking with water, her white shirt became transparent, cling to her toned body and manifested the sensual curves.

As she turned around, my eyes fall on her half-naked hips, a fresh white one. She felt my gaze and dragged her blue jeans, and right away, a beautiful sight unfold before me: the fleshy hips formed moving curves as the sea weave webs. Afterward, when I stared at the webs rolling towards the shore, I saw in my mind's eye her white hips developing active curves, the curves breaking (like waves breaking on the shore) on her waist.

When I loosen up in the hotel room, I couldn't help myself envisaging the hips carving moving curves. Until before having caught sight of the spectacle, my mind had been occupied by the face of a girl I had been dating. But now the face and the hips collided head-on and, a fight ensued between the two, like a husband's two wives, to seize my sense. Breaking up the brawl was beyond my authority, so I kept a distance and watched them wrestling with indifference. First, The hips charged the face and the face failed to fight back and soon ended up losing the battle. Being filled with shame, the face faded away from my mind. In contrast, swelled with pride, the hips, having nothing on, took full control of my mind.

In my fancy, the hips emerged as the girl's figure, hips in face's place. Still, she no way looked eerie, for she could take on expressions like girls.

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