Justice for our brave little heroes

Published on Monday, August 6, 2018

Parents and guardians from all across the nation pressed concerns as yet another brutal assault has been carried out by BCL men. This time on school students.

But a reasonable response from Awami League or BCL is something we are yet to witness.

If you put aside your partisan identity for a minute and retain the moral impulses of a responsible human being, I'm sure, you would be puzzled why anyone or any political organisation need to use such barbaric force against kids who were indeed doing this nation a favour that is long overdue- demanding effective road safety measures and justice.

Our kids understood what we have failed, that the time for incrementalism and waiting is long over and ended for good when a few thousands of people become the victim of road accident every year mostly due to negligent driving.

Thousands of them- as young as 5- took on the street, an earthquake revolution some may call it, defending the rights to life for the ordinary people of the country.

Under which circumstances any assault on them, let alone brutal, can be justified?

Several media outlets reported as many as hundred students sustained grieve bodily damage.

Again, what Awami League is waiting for? Have the Awami League and BCL become so ethically adrift that they have to see it from the usual narrow partisan point of view instead of bringing the perpetrators to the book?

Let's shift the example slightly to understand how perverse this action was.

Imagine an equal number of BCL activists (still not kids) were harmed in the same manner during a protest like the old days when attacks and assault on BCL members were regular occurrences, in fact, being a former active BCL member I myself have survived a few of those attacks.

Would anyone of the Awami rank suggest that this was an accident or a regular turbulence that happens during a civil unrest? Instead, the entire party machinery would be vocal demanding justice which is rightful.

Yet the Awami League leaders, while expressing sadness and regret to some extent about the injuries sustained by the school kids, are of the view that those who assaulted the kids had legitimate concerns about their own safety, which according to the General Secretary of the party, "Should we kiss away attackers on our offices?"

And in addition, the accusation of involvement of BNP-Jamat men has been raised as well- a line that is pushed a little too often to justify any oppressive action by BCL in recent years.

The question is, even if BNP-Jamat men were involved intending to commit atrocities- a signature mark of Bangladeshi politics- does that justify brutality against kids?

It is worth mentioning that defending the rights of the school students is a BCL agenda and every BCL units have several assistant secretaries appointed specifically to assist school students. Even just a few months ago BCL had a plan to communicate with school students more effectively. How would they be facing those school kids now?

This despicable event is a stain on the legacy of Awami League. It is not normal, and it is not right, but most importantly, it cannot be tolerated.

This party including BCL have fought for the freedom of the country, and now time to fight for the freedom of the people which under the current circumstances has a simple meaning- bring those to justice who have dared to assault our brave little heroes.

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