The Hague Freedom Book Fair 2018

Published on Sunday, February 11, 2018

The Freedom Book Fair, 21 - 25 February 2018, is a five-day event centred on freedom of expression and is much more than just a book fair. There will be various activities over the course of the five days, such as book presentations, cultural evenings, movie screenings and panel discussions. The Book Fair is a place where writers, journalists, human right activists, artists and civilians from all over the world can discuss, connect, debate, initiate a dialogue, celebrate their work and raise awareness for their cause. This year the Book Fair will have contributions from the following countries: Sudan, Iran, Syria, Somalia, Turkey, Bangladesh and African Great Lakes Region (Burundi, DRC, Rwanda and Uganda).


From 24 February to 27 February 2017, The Hague Freedom Book Fair took place in Het Nutshuis in The Hague. With the participation of 15 publishing houses and bookshops from Netherlands, Bangladesh, Turkey and Somalia, the book fair attracted hundreds of people. The book fair showcased censored books from Bangladesh and Turkey, books on censorship in different countries written by persecuted and censored writers themselves, and other regular books.

The book fair successfully brought together a diverse group of individuals, publishers and organizations to address the recent global crisis of freedom of expression. The event can be considered as laying down the foundation of a crucial network that can uphold and promote a dialogical method in solving the crisis of freedom of expression in the current world.

This year the five days will be engaging with programs such as:  The Book Fair  Olave Talks Freedom  Freedom of Expression: Checking the Global Pulse  Media as a Catalyst for Social Cohesion in Bangladesh  Film: My Paradise + Q & A with Film Director Ekrem Heydo  Countering Oppression in Sudanese  War Iyo Wacaal: The Untold Story of the Somali Troupes  Book Presentation by Füsun Erdogan  Challenging the Education Systems in Iran  After Party Freedom Book Fair  Film: Le Voyage De Khadija + Q & A with Khadija Al Mourabit  Threats to Freedom of Press in the Great Lakes Region of Africa.

null The Hague Freedom Book Fair offers a flexible schedule considering the working individuals and the book lover of all ages. The book fair operates from 1600 – 2300hrs on the 21st & 23rd February, and the weekend program on 24th & 25th February start at 1300 – 1900hrs.

In case of any queries contact or call +31 (0) 6 1805 1097.

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