A perfect girl with flaws

Published on Wednesday, January 17, 2018

By: Mahiat Lamia

She cried all night thinking where did she go wrong. Why everybody hates her. Why everybody makes fun of her. It isn't her fault that she is like this. Yes, she stammers. Yes, she faces problems while talking. Yes, she can't express herself. But why can't anyone see her difficulties? She's not doing it by her will. A 17 years old asked herself with a heavy heart. Her family thinks she only cares about herself. She is not well mannered. She is arrogant with her words. But what if the truth is something else? Why people she loves always leaves? Why can't she make friends? Why can't she express her feelings to others? Why does she thinks she's all alone? And why, when she finally starts to love someone, it turns out to be a wrong decision? Is it really her fault? Why she's being judged?

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She needs someone who can make her understand what is right for her. A person who can show her the right path. Why everyday she thinks that she is a burden to her family? Why she wishes to die? Why? She questions herself all night long. She is depressed. She regrets all the decisions she made in her life. She's searches for happiness in those dark night hours in her room. Her shadow became her best friend, because it only follows her everywhere. She can't face herself in the mirror. She does not want to go out. She's scared inside She is matured enough to deal in this situation. But the question is, for how long?

In the morning when the sun hits her face through the window, she knows she survived another day. Her eyes are swollen. She is seeing everything blur. Her face got red. She didn't slept all night. Her pillow is filled with tears. She just wants a hug. She heard "Bad times don't last forever." But is it really her bad days? What if she have to live like that always? What if her fate is to be alone ? What if she fails to get a right companion for herself in the long run? She is scared, she is not that strong. She pretends to be someone else to hide her problem. She can't talk while looking at someone's eyes. She walks with her head down. She's broken. She's an introvert.

Why the society got to be so cruel that one is not allowed to live her life with own will? Why nobody cares? Why everybody is busy with their own life only? In this generation where so many girls suffer from boyfriend problems, is her situation really a problem? Why did her best friend left when she needs her the most? She was a girl who's full of life. She used to give people advises. Now she is the one who is in need of those. She was not like this. She was not shy. She was different. Once she was everybody's favorite. She is her Daddy's Little Princess. She wants her parents to be proud of her. But now she's doomed. She is unable to share her problems with her family.

In this judgemental society she is struggling everyday and fighting with herself with bruises in her heart. She's not blaming anyone. She is waiting for the day where all these struggles will be worth it. The day where she will get what she deserves. Maybe she is now a fighter without recognition.

She could be anyone. She could be the girl living your next door. She could be your sister or daughter. She could be the girl whom your entire school hates. I just want you to realize that no one is perfect in this world. I have read a quote somewhere "In this world where you could be anything, be kind." Spend your precious time in spreading happiness. Your single good morning wish can make someone's entire day. The world need lot more good people. Being kind is never out of trend. Helping others can make you happy too. And if you're that girl who's struggling with the same problem, KEEP FIGHTING. You're not alone. You do not need to be sad. It's just a phase of your life, not your entire life. It will pass. You have the power to deal with that bravely. Something huge is coming to your way. Be happy. Smile.


A girl who have gone through the same situation once.

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