State needs to stand up against the bully

Published on Saturday, December 16, 2017

By: Paplu Bangali

Will Bangladesh government be protecting those who have burned and vandalized Hindu houses in Horkoli Thakurpara village of Rangpur district today (Nov 10, 2017) similar to other miscreants who have not been punished by the law?

October the 30th, 2016, hundreds of people gathered in Brahmanbaria district in eastern Bangladesh to protest a Facebook post allegedly made by Rasraj Das, 25, is a fisherman and member of the Hindu religious minority claiming that Rasraj insulted Islam. The mob, which had links to the groups Hefajat-e-Islam and Ahle Sunnat Wal Jamaat, a network of madrasa leaders who hope to introduce Shariah in Bangladesh, went on a rampage through Hindu villages in that area and vandalizing at least 100 homes and several temples. As usual, no justice we have got of hat assault. Rashraj Das, despite untrue involvement has been detained in Bangladesh since October 2016. He was arrested for allegedly posting an "offensive" image on Facebook and charged with "hurting religious sentiment" was locked up and had to be subdued even though he did no crime.

On 10 November 2017, again, after saying weekly prayer of Jumuah, thousands from several villages gathered in front of a mosque and then, many of the people carrying staffs, torched and vandalized Hindu houses and this time, claiming that one Titu Chandra Roy "insulted Islam" on Facebook two weeks ago. It is very ridiculous that no one of that mob can say what the insulting word is.

We have seen a photo of an aged woman wailing in front of her burned house, I just meticulously fear to think of her unspoken words and mental condition. Since we are human being, the howling reaches to our eardrum. We get angered- definitely, these barbarisms make us offend.

[caption id="attachment_7254" align="aligncenter" width="640"] Woman wailing in front of her burned down the house. Photo: Internet[/caption]

Hefazat-e-Islam, a network of madrasa leaders who hope to introduce Shariah in Bangladesh, threatened and declared that those who would dishonor Islam religion would have been throttled or killed. Very sadly it is to say that the leaders who threaten people often on behalf of Hefazat are being supported by the government of Bangladesh. Moreover, the government abides by their demands and makes a syllabus for education system after the assertions of Hefazat. Since the government unwilling to pay attention to these wrongdoings that are being happened in the country. Fanatics, who are using religious sentiment got real active through patronized persecution to invade Hindu properties in exchange of political loyalty.

I have no word to console the oppressed people of Horkoli Thakurpara, Rangpur. To stand by the tormented people, the prime minister of Bangladesh Sheikh Hasina might desire not go to Rangpur; but, if it was the game of Cricket, she would surely be in the field.

A face of a white whole cloth wearing elderly woman who wailing in front of her burned down house comes again and again in my mind. It is hard to believe in this century yet it seems that it was a nothing but a very normal thing in Bangladesh.

The down-hearted people of Horkoli Thakurpara are going to spend their night under the open sky. They are helpless, burned with envy by the majority Muslim; zealots. It is crying need to stand by the abraded lawful Hindu minority people. We are simply being late.

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