Take Home Messages of the Recent Political Conventions in USA

Published on Sunday, September 25, 2016

I do not know – how many people, who watched the Democratic National Committee (DNC) convention in Philadelphia, noticed resounding boos… from the diehard Bernie-supporters at the moment Bernie endorsed Hillary for President. So, it was clear that Bernie supporters were disappointed with him for his public endorsement of Hillary Clinton. On the other hand, Ted Cruz was also showered with boos in the Republican convention at Cleveland, Ohio; that was for not endorsing the front runner, Mr. Trump. So, these two boos are for two different reasons. Most diehard democrats and republicans may have missed these moments, but, it was a striking moment for me.

Yes, in many respect, history was made in both conventions. Hillary Clinton made history by being coroneted, not elected, as the first female Presidential candidate from the Democrat Party platform, and Bernie Sanders made a history by crush-landing his so called revolution on the convention floor by endorsing Hillary Clinton for President in spite of constant DNC manipulation of the primary electoral process against him to favor Hillary Clinton. It was humiliating to his diehard supporters to see him capitulating to the political establishment pressure and constant unfair treatment without a legitimate fight. Even though Bernie may have accepted everything for the sake of his political expediency, many of his supporters did not do so, which resulted booing by his supporters; many of them with tears rolling down their cheeks. It's an awkward and bizarre scene to watch.

By capitulating to the democrat establishment, Bernie has added 'salt' to the sentiment (Feel-the-Bern) of his diehard supporters, and, he may have put the last nail on the political coffin of his socialist revolution for good. I believe, Bernie's revolutionary political meteorite has crushed on the convention floor in Philadelphia, and, the so called revolution of the first declared socialist in history is now finally over. I am sure, he did not even believe in his own fantasy revolution, and yet he raised false hope in millions of his supporters. He is now a disgraced politicians, in my view, who can't be trusted whole-heartedly, as many of his supporters naively did.

You may ask what he could do under the circumstances. Yes, he could forcefully protest on the convention floor about the DNC bias treatment against him to console his followers. Yes, Debbie Wasserman Schulz, the Chair of the DNC, resigned, but that was due to pressure from the Florida delegates, but not from Bernie. Instead, Bernie started to praise Clinton on the convention floor as well as raising hopes and aspirations of his millions of supporters about the prospect of his mini-revolution, knowing full well that none of those promises can ever be realized by Hillary. He could have given better explanation as to why he is supporting Hillary Clinton than saying that he needs to beat Trump, which is a no-brainer. So, after all this, my prediction is - if he comes back to his supporters again with his fantasy revolution, he might even get a shower of shoes next time, instead of boos …..

OK, how about the disgraceful acts of the Republican National Committee (RNC)? It started with the very same principle of coronation of presidential candidate by RNC, as that of DNC. The principle is - political establishments select candidates, and the voting process is just for make believe establishment-media-show for the dumb public.

I was one of those dumb public, as well, at the beginning, but, as time progressed, Mr. Donald Trump, a political outsider, opened my eyes.

Mr. Trump, being a shabby businessman, as well as a media personality, had insider knowledge of both sides; he understood the inner workings of the media-political-establishment farce of the so called Primary election. So, he started to raise awareness about the political farce right at the beginning of his candidacy. It is only after his repeated protest and complain about the rigged political games, I begin to understand – why junior Bush, the son and brother of former two US Presidents of USA, and other 15 political establishment candidates, have been so confidently forecasting that Donald Trump will never be selected as the Republican nominee, in spite of Mr. Trump always being on top of state/national polls. I started to ask myself - did all these politicians lose their mind? How could they give such prediction with such certainty, when Donald Trump is always coming on the top of every public poll? John Kasich was even thinking that - he will be the last man standing as the Republican nominee, although he has only won his own state, Ohio, where he is the Governor. Nothing makes sense, isn't it?

How could such thinking arise to such experienced politicians, who always foam their mouths while talking about democracy? It can only happen when you are familiar with the rigged system. Bottom line is - system is setup so establishment politicians can manipulate the primary election to choose one of their favorite candidates, even though public may not like the candidate. Doesn't it make the whole primary election just a media-political pony-show to play with emotion and passion of millions of voters? Doesn't it violate the principles of democracy that so many politicians love to talk about to make their living. Yes, it does.

The last two recent primaries, conducted by RNC and DNC, revealed the political chicanery of both political parties. Only difference is - Republicans had Donald Trump, a political outsider, as a candidate, who had the gravitas to challenge and expose the political establishment for its biased politically-corrupt primary process; democrats, on the other hand, had Bernie, who lacked such persona and courage to face and expose the establishment chicanery.

In the end, Mr. Trump won from the republican side to everyone's surprise. This is the historic event, and republicans made a history in their convention floor at Cleveland. It is nothing short of a political revolution on the part of Mr. Trump; he cleared all 16 of his opponents one by one, who were all veteran career politicians. The fate of Mr. Trump will now be decided by the general public.

Unfortunately, story on the democrat side is not so hopeful. The revolution that started by Berne Sanders crush-land on the convention floor, killing the spirit of his diehard revolutionary compatriots for good.

The fact is - people are fade up with current political landscape in the world, and they are not happy with what they see happening around them, but politicians cannot understand it either, because they are shielded by political lobbies around them. In other word, politicians are living in a political bubble.

Most veteran career politicians, today, do not understand that – political ideologies of the past are no longer viable in today's political landscape. Many of them are still clinging to the cold-war politics, and fail to understand that today's Russia is not the Soviet Union. Russia, today, is only one of our competitors in the world, just like China or India, not our existential threat. The Russian policy, therefore, needs review.

By being a political outsider, Donald Trump clearly understands it, as indicated by his views on Russia and NATO. I believe, there will be a major coalition around USA-Russia-China-India if Donald Trump wins Presidency, and his pragmatic nationalistic foreign and domestic policies might bring peace in the world. I know, this statement may surprise many, who has already been brainwashed by the media-political-complex.

Also, most professional politicians do not understand politically incorrect language of Donald Trump that he uses to communicate with public. People are not used to hearing such language from a politician. What they forget is that - Donald Trump is not a politician, so, he uses public language, spoken in the kitchen table and in the living room. This is the trick that brought him the success he has garnered so far in the political arena. If you take away this trait from him, he will be just another politician, who speaks different language in public from that in private. I do not want such politician. Do you? I want to see my politicians speak their mind in public.

Unfortunately, most people are not used to it, and they want to see politicians use politically-correct language, meaning they don't mind hearing lies of politicians. Donald Trump refused to do, in spite of repeated outcry for it from the republican political establishment, as well as public. That's what is good about Donald Trump; what you see is what you get. Love or hate his politics – it's a great feeling to know someone having this simple trait, and, it's refreshing to see someone with such a trait in the forthcoming US general election.

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