Published on Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Bonoful Translation: Mehedi Hassan

That day, I got the salary from the office.

On the way home, I thought of buying a new blouse for my wife. She had been longing for it for long days. One shop to another, I eventually bought a nice one, and meanwhile fell dusk. Just as I got out of the shop, it started raining so heavily. Therefore, I had to take a shelter. When the rain subsided, I started walking taking the shirt under my arms and putting the umbrella up over my head. I walked up the broad road without much trouble, but after that, there were a narrow lane, and it was dark now. I entered the lane and kept on walking while wondering unconsciously that getting the new blouse, how much happy my wife would be! At this point of time, a tramp bumped into me. The right way, he fell on the muddy earth and me also- the blouse bought for my wife became messed up with mud. I stood up and saw that the man hadn't stood up yet, but was trying to. I couldn't control my wrath and kicked on his ass forcibly.

"Couldn't be watchful, you swine!"

Getting kicked on his ass, he fell on the earth again but didn't reply. Not getting any response, I became more furious- kicking, punching, boxing and slapping started falling on his body one after another like a torrent.
A door of a neighboring house opened. A gentleman with a kerosene lamp in his hand got out of the house and asked me, "what happened here, Moshai(Mister)?

"Please, look at this. He has made this expensive blouse dirty. It is totally messy with the mud. He doesn't even know how to walk properly- just bumped into me……"

"Who is he?"

"Oh, quit it and forgive him, please. I beseech you, don't beat him again and show some sympathy for the destitute man! He is a blind beggar and also mute. This less fortunate beggar lives in this narrow lane--" I looked at him and saw that due to the beating, he was shuddering violently and mud was stuck all over his body. He was wretchedly looking at me with his blind eyes and with his hands folded in a gesture of praying pointing at me.

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