ISIS releases new video message with renewed threats against Bangladeshi targets

Published on Tuesday, July 5, 2016

ISIS has posted a new video featuring three of its Bangladeshi members. The video is 5.50 minutes long and was probably shot in Syria/Raqqa. The group called for a jihad in Bangladesh and threatened to launch more attacks on Bangladeshi targets and 'crusaders' and 'crusader nations.'


The first speaker said:

The jihad that has come to Bangladesh right now, the Jihad that you are witnessing now is the Jihad Prophet Mohammed has promised(given hope of) us. Therefore you can never stop this Jihad. Not till we win and you lose and till we have established Sharia law all over the "chest" of the whole world. You can never stop this from happening, so there is not point trying that. To the Crusader (Christian etc.): We will never stop till we win or (die as martyrs) there is nothing for us to lose. Yesterday was just a glimpse, and this will repeat and repeat and repeat till we have sharia law."


According to the second speaker:

This government has changed all the law given by Allah and has implied man-made law, therefore, they are all "Kafirs" now. Therefore it is our duty ( farz a ain) to jihad against it. Why did the incident take place in "artisan" is because our prophet has taught us that our "ummah" is like our body, if we get hurt in a part of it, it spreads throughout one's body.  That is why when the Crusaders internationally kill hundreds and hundreds of innocent Muslims with plane attacks (4.27) we mujahidin brothers and sisters get hurt) we will kill crusaders whenever we find them in revenge of their blood.


The third speaker praised the Jihadis who carried the recent killing("operation") in Bangladesh;

 "reading about it I am  delighted  and hope Allah accepts your Jihad." "We have dreamt of this jihad, and you have taken this jihad to our door, come join this jihad with groups and In sha Allah, Allah will accept your jihad. Ameen.

There were many unsupported claims from some Facebook users who said to have identified two of the three speakers.  According to the claims, the first speaker is one Tahmid Rahman Shafi.  He worked for Grameen phone. He was one of the top singers at the 'Close Up 1' singing contest season 1. The third speaker Arafat is a ninth batch student of Dhaka City Dental college.

This video comes in the aftermath of an attack in a Dhaka cafe which saw the death 28 people, most of whom are foreigners. ISIS has claimed responsibility for the assault.

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