Islamists take hostage in Dhaka - ISIS claims credit

Published on Friday, July 1, 2016

Islamist gunmen have taken hostages in a Dhaka restaurant in the diplomatic area of Gulshan. A number of foreigners were dining there at the time, the number that is quoted is 20. Police and Rapid Action Battalion have surrounded the area, but their approach to the restaurant has been thwarted by gunfire and grenade attacks. There are reports of police injury. There are two confirmed fatalities, both of them are police officers. One of them is the Officer-in-Charge of Banani Police Station, Mr. Salauddin. One eye-witness, who could escape, reported that the gunmen entered the restaurant shouting Allahu Akbar. The situation remains tense and unresolved. The latest report says ISIS has claimed credit for this attack. For a running update click here .

It is to be noted that just during the early morning hours of the same day, a Hindu priest was hacked to death in Jhenaida, a western town. He was gathering flowers for the morning rituals. Yesterday, an indigenous Buddhist person was also killed in the eastern part of the country. Apparently, ISIS has claimed responsibility for there murders.

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