Would Muslims Support Gay rights?

Published on Sunday, 12 June 2016

A few months ago, when I put my profile picture in rainbows, some of my friends were saying, "It is quite funny how people care about other peoples' sex life, while there are so many other problems to think about!" This is exactly where my problem is, there are so many problems to talk about. But instead, why do religious institutions and scriptures spread so much unnecessary hatred based on peoples' bedroom behaviour!? And as a consequence, sometimes, some of the followers get so inspired by their blind faith that they kill people based on those very personal and benign choices!

No, all Muslims don't have to apologize for one person's act of violence. But perhaps it's time to acknowledge that preaching to millions of people that homosexuality is one of the worst sins and it is so bad that God is moved to destroy an entire society for this is a part of the problem. Such extreme homophobia in all Muslim majority countries and Muslim communities at large does not promote a tolerant and peaceful society.

How many mosques respect LGBT rights? Can we ask our community mosque authorities and imams to come together to build a safe space for LGBT people in their mosques ? I am sure LGBT community has always been respectful towards people from all religions and they don't judge people based on which religion they come from.