The New World Order

Published on Tuesday, December 1, 2015

The New World Order

Most of the battles, in the past, have been fought on the religious-social ideological grounds, and many are still being fought now. After each battle ends, a new social order takes shape. Any plan to be successful must reckon with such new order.

World went through a long cold war era, and at the end of that era world order has changed drastically. In the new world order, many countries that once considered enemies have become friends and partners. China is a prime example of the new word order.

But, in case of Russia, it seems that American politicians, both Republicans and Democrats, are still stuck in the cold war mindset of fighting socialist hegemony around the world. Russia is still considered as the enemy number one, which appears to be odd, isn't it?

The fact that - after the end of the Cold War, rapid reform has taken place throughout the Soviet-bloc to transition to free market driven economy. In this perspective, modern Russia is not different from the USA; both need access to free market around the world for growth and progress, as do other countries in the European Union, Far East and South East regions.

Therefore, Russia is our business competitor, not ideological enemy. But, when I see political establishment still identifies Russia as our enemy number one, I tend to think - old habits die hard, which can take the country in the wrong direction. The answer to the question - why America is not winning lately may lie in the mundane politics of Washington DC.

Washington DC politics need reform, for sure; it's dysfunctional. The process may have started already, as ordinary Americans seem to be ready for changing the dysfunctional Washington DC political system. They have demonstrated it in the last mid-term race. The move for such political change also started within the Republican Party, thanks to political outsiders, such as, Donald Trump, Ben Carson, and Carle Fiorina, who are the contenders of the incoming presidential election in 2016.

Republican political establishment in DC is fighting tooth and nail against the outsider movement. As a result, the success of this movement still remains to be seen. It's going to be hard, especially, because media seems to be against this movement as well. Media propaganda machine can distort the truth by painting biased views. Only a charismatic leader, such as Donald Trump, can overcome such adverse situation. I hope American people will find one such strong leader this time around.

We live in a very different world, and, truth be told that - in today's world, Russia, China, India, etc. are not the enemy of the USA, but simply contenders of the global economy, like any other countries in the world, competing for the global market.

If that is so, what's the immediate existential threat to the world?

If you ask republicans they will unequivocally say – radical Islam, and then climate change. President Obama, on the other hand, will say – Climate Change is the existential threat. In fact, Vice President, Joe Biden, went as far as to claim that - climate change caused the ISIS uprising, so fighting climate change will alleviate radical religious terrorism. Go figure! This administration has been fighting Sunni-ISIS in Syria with moderate Sunni-forces from the neighboring countries. As you know, this fight will go nowhere. This could be the reason why Syrian conflict is not coming to an end.

Now that France and Russia are there, it should not be so difficult to bring this fight to an end, if current US administration joins hands with Russia and France. Will that happen with this administration? Not at all; for that, America needs a new breed of political leadership, ready to think politics in the light of the new world order.


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