You can murder kafir in Bangladesh

Published on Saturday, 31 October 2015

Today Faisal Arefin Dipan of 'Jagriti Prokashony' was hacked on the 2nd floor of Aziz Supermarket at Shahbagh. He was taken to Dhaka Medical College Hospital where the doctors declared him dead. This happened only a few hours after Ahmedur Rashid Chowdhury Tutul of 'Shuddhaswar' publishing house was hacked in his office at Lalmatia around 2:30 PM along with blogger Tarik Rahim and writer Ranadipam Basu. Tutul and Rahim are in critical condition.

Dipen and Tutul did the un-Islamic activities of publishing the writing of a Kafir called Avijit Roy. The soldiers of Islam had sent Avijit to dozokh during February this year. Tarik and Ranadipam are bloggers hated by Islamists of Bangladesh. The backdrop of such broad day light criminal activities in the capital city of Bangladesh is known to all.

It is Jihad and killing of such kafirs is sanctioned in Islam. But what the shameless Bangladesh government has to say? It is a deaf and dumb government. Its intelligence system has completely failed or does not want to cross path with the Islamists. The law enforcement authorities have come up with stereotype statements. The killer criminals will not be arrested and if arrested will not be prosecuted as per law. Many clues will be erased, many more will be ignored. There will not be any pressure on the government from civil society of Bangladesh. It has already gone in to oblivion in the question of Islamists.  It is either too scared to come out openly against the Islamists or has become their subtle supporter.

The Islamists of Bangladesh had already published a list of free thinkers whom they will murder. The situation in Bangladesh is so serious that if the Islamists cannot murder any more free thinkers as per the list, Hasina and Khaleda may join hands do so for them.

In this cyber age, such examples of religious intolerance of worst degree, perpetuated by Bangladeshi Islamists, will only encourage RSS and BJP combination in India. Unlike Bangladesh, though many eminent Indians have protested recently against the atmosphere of intolerance in India, RSS-BJP cadre will be too happy to push their 'Hindutwa' agenda in India now. I am really worried about the Indian Muslims.