Religious indoctrination and my journey to enlightenment

Published on Monday, September 7, 2015

I got enlightened when I read Quran and 'Sirat Rasul Allah' time and again and looked at my surrounding neighborhood after 9/11. Then I gathered some knowledge about other religions and history of religions. At the end I found that we could lead much better life in this world as a social being without any religion. I also got convinced that there is no afterworld. It has been a plain lie all along.

I do not remember when I first visited Mukto Mona. May be it was two years back. I commented on some posts, but I was not a regular visitor. Before the tragic February 2015, Mukto Mona allowed me access to the site for uploading my articles. But I was not sure if I would be able to write posts.  After the murder of Avijit I was naturally very upset like many of his followers. My first post, a satire, was uploaded in Mukto Mona on 13.05.2015.


All religions are manmade. No supernatural entity developed any religion as there is no supernatural entity of any kind. Religions can be equated with disease causing micro-organisms or lifestyle disorders. Micro-organisms cause diseases like typhoid, influenza and malaria etc. The diseases due to lifestyle include diabetes, high blood pressure and obesity etc. There are other reasons for disease states like psychiatric disorders and genetic disorders etc.. In disease situation internal and external changes occur in humans. A diseased person does not conform to normal human ability, behavior and attitude. Religious bigotry makes men victims of religious psycho-social disorder.

Among all religions, Islam has most vicious form of disease manifestation. The Quran is disease causing micro-organism. It eats up the brain of so called 'faithful'. The height of cock and bull story in Quran is 'Miraj' which was foolishly elaborated in Hadish. The 'Hadish', on the other hand, cause lifestyle disorders. A Muslim may ask an 'Alim' to consult Hadish and say if pricking left nostril with right index finger is 'jaiz' or not. Hadish along with Quran change the 'faithful' permanently and put the body and soul of 'faithful' within a metal box Islamic sanatorium.

This disease process in Islam is initiated and regulated since birth and early childhood. By the time a Muslim child is 12-15 years old he/she not only learns to divides humans as 'faithful' and 'kafir', but also harbors and expresses extreme hatred towards 'kafir'. Besides, 'Jumma Khutba' and 'Waj Mehfil' spread hatred formally and openly towards other religions. This type of brain damaging is not found in any non-Islamic religion. In Saudi Arabia 'Sharia', the laws of Allah, have been in vogue and as per Allah's law blood money for a Christian is 50% and for a Hindu is 25% of what is for Muslim. What type of Allah is HE? Such Allah is shame on humanity.

Islam approves that its followers should convert 'kafir' to Islam by all means, i.e. persuasion, persecution, physical social and economic harm, as well as, threat to life and property. This is the only religion which proudly endorses cruelty and deceit to convert 'kafir' into Islam. Innumerable examples are found in Bangladesh of such conversions. Do Bangladeshis know that father of great Urdu poet and founder philosopher of Pakistan, Allama Iqbal, was converted to Islam under threat to life?

Bangladeshi are in the look out of pushing all Hindus of Bangladesh to India. They consider this as holy act of Islam. If in similar fashion, Hindu fundamentalists of India try to push Indian Muslims to Bangladesh what will happen to Bangladesh?

Majority of Bangladeshi Muslims converted to Islam from tribal faith, Buddhism and low caste Hindus. But when after centuries of practicing Islam, Bangladeshi Muslims think themselves as higher humans (for being followers of an alien tribal faith and ritual) in spite of poor socio-economic condition, rampant corruptions and all forms of social evils in the society one is bound to think that such people are religiously sick only.

Now, there are also thousands of Bangladeshi who do not accept Islam as stated above. But they cannot come out openly as their conviction is contrary to the actual teachings of Islam. The powerful 'Ulema' can declare such Muslims as apostates from Islam and as per Islamic laws issue 'fatwa' for their murder.

Islam is the longest running pandemic. Its symptoms include a contradiction that Islamic history started with Muhammad but Islam is the first (oldest) religion of human kind. The second main contradiction in Islam is its absolute anti-idolatry stance on one hand and kissing of 'Hubal', pelting of stone at the symbol of Satan during 'Hajj' in Mecca on the other.

Islam is more of a primitive warmongering life style of Arabian desert than anything spiritual. Another symptom of Islam is its inherent fear psychosis about Allah and 'Day of Judgment'. Islam has made its followers as religious robots. This robotic force was successful in expansion of Islamic world from a tiny town of Medina of Arabia to about 50 more countries over next one thousand years.

In past hundred years, Islam has come face to face with new value system of humanism, rationalism, religious tolerance and secular democracy. Since this modern value system is directly opposite to the teachings of Islam, Islamists are finding it more and more difficult to fit into the modern world. If Islam accepts this modern value system, the religion will die. Because "in change there is innovation, innovation leads to blasphemy, blasphemy leads to hell fire" and there will be no Islam. This is the main anxiety of 'Ulema' and power brokers of Islam. The current global Islamic extremism is the final effort by Islamists to keep Islam away from accepting the modern value system.

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