Write on Your Journey to Enlightenment in Celebration of September 12, Avijit Roy's Birthday

Published on Tuesday, September 1, 2015

September 12, 2015, is the 44th birthday of Avijit Roy, the secular, humanist writer. Before he was murdered by Islamists this February, the founder of the Mutko-Mona platform Avijit Roy was involved in furthering many issues including science, free thought, humanism, and literature. He not only wrote online, he also introduced the free thought movement in Bangladesh to the international arena. Avijit Roy wrote and edited ten books in Bengali. He was, and will remain, a true friend to freethinkers, and liberals everywhere.

Inspired by Avijit Roy's writings, many people began writing themselves, and creating protest against injustice. So to commemorate his birthday, write about your journey toward secular humanism, about yourself, about Avijit Roy, about Mukto-Mona, about freethinking. Question yourself, and your surroundings, for yourself, for future generations, for the furtherance of humankind.

On September 12, Mukto-Mona will publish your writings to inaugurate the special section dedicated to Avijit Roy to honor his birthday. Selected writings will later be anthologized and published as an e-book as well as in print. The e-book will be published in late September 2015, and the print anthology in February 2016, at the Ekushey Boimela.

Guidelines to Submit Your Writing

Please send your essays to the Mutko-Mona editors via email. The editors will select and prepare the essays for publication. Send your previously unpublished writing to event@mutko-mona.com as a word document. If you have any queries regarding our submission policy, send them to the same address.

We have no maximum or minimum word limits. Please include your name, and where you are writing from in the word document. If you are unwilling to publish your name or location, please mention that at the beginning of your submission.

To ensure that your essay is considered for publication on September 12, as part of Avijit Roy's birthday commemoration, please send your essay by September 10.

On behalf of the Mukto-Mona team, three selected writers will be gifted with a set of books by Avijit Roy. Hoping to see your essays in our inbox soon!

Mukto-Mona editors

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