A hitherto unknown Islamist outfit, 'Ittahadul Mujahidin' from Sylhet has sent a letter to B D News office, Dhaka  threatening to kill 19 persons including ministers, teachers, cultural activists, ganajagaran mancha organizers and bloggers.

 The potential victims have been differently described as 'satanic bloggers', 'enemies of Islam and madrasa education', 'atheists', and 'Sylhet-haters'. This seems that the 'Ittahadul Mujahidin' is a totally confused bunch of criminals or religious psychopaths.

 It is clear that prosecution and punishment of the criminals of 1971 has angered them. The group represents the present generation of Rajakar, Al Badar and Al Shams. The name 'Ittahadul Mujahidin' does not make any sense as it may be different tomorrow. But this group does not see that the Muslim world is also burning and we are killing the fellow Muslims everywhere.

 The members of 'Ittahadul Mujahidin' project themselves as committed protectors of Allah and Prophet. They consider 'Satan' more powerful than Allah. They think that without their criminal help the position of Allah and Prophet will be jeopardized by Satan. They think that Allah is incapable of protecting himself and needs help from Bandas for his existence. They accept that Allah is as helpless as idols of Hindus and cannot punish his critics. So they have all rights to help the helpless Allah. They are like Bangladeshi Mutawas. Saudi Mutawas are infamous for cruelty, intolerance, arbitrarism, hypocrisy and corruption in the name of saving Islam, Allah and Prophet. But even they are also not entitled to murder anybody publicly without trial. That way Bangladeshi Mutwas are more blessed by Allah and ahead of their Saudi masters.

 But who are 'Sylhet-haters'? And where from this Sylhet issue has come? Is this Sylheti group looking for independence of Sylhet from Bangladesh? Or trying to convert whole of Bangladesh into a big Sylhet? But why the name of the outfit is not in Sylheti? Or is Urdu becoming the language of Sylhet? This group should also fight for a Sylheti quota in Bahist.

 Our government will neither collect intelligence actively nor passively about this outfit.  This will help our government to remain inactive like a bunch of stupids and allow the criminals to kill more people.


 What Bangladesh government has to say about one brief period (among hundreds of such) of atrocities on its minority Hindu population:

 "On 23 February 2014, The Daily Star, a national English newspaper, published a summary report submitted by the Police authority to the country's High Court. According to this report, around 160 incidents of attacks and atrocities on Hindus took place in 21 districts after the January 5 parliamentary polls ……….Such atrocities included injuring Hindu people, damaging their houses, temples and business establishments and setting them on fire, and looting valuables causing a loss of around 40 lakh Taka in 70 of those attacks".

  -Shame on all of us.

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