Unholy Saudi-Zionist Alliance

Published on Wednesday, July 15, 2015

A ground breaking deal between the Islamic Republic of Iran on the one hand and world's six most powerful nations – USA, UK, France, Germany, Russia and China – as well as the EU on the other hand had been concluded just a few hours earlier today, the 14 July 2015. After ten years of on-off negotiations between the two sides, no one can deny the enormity of this deal and its repercussions world-wide, particularly in the Islamic world.

This deal has laid bare the Zionist duplicity against the Muslim world and the Saudi Wahhabis' complicity with the Zionist to maintain their influence in the region. The Zionist opposition against anything good in the Muslim world is understandable. But what is utterly disgraceful and, indeed, shameful is the Saudi complicity with Zionism to denigrate the deal. Let me go through Zionist deceit and then Saudi duplicity to undermine and, if possible, kill off this deal.

The deal consists of two distinct elements – (i) Iran will give up pursuing its alleged (falsely) ambition to develop nuclear weapons and (ii) in return the UN sanctions against Iran will be lifted as soon as some pre-conditions are met.

This allegation of Iran's nuclear weapon ambition was the main sticking point of the whole saga. Iran always maintained that she was just trying to develop nuclear power capability and all her nuclear activities were geared to that end. But the Zionist state and her American cohorts comprising Zionist lobby in the Capitol Hill and the right wing Republicans insisted, without any foundation, that Iran was in fact developing nuclear weapons.

It may be pointed out that every Member State of the United Nations Organisation (UNO) has the right to develop nuclear capability for peaceful uses and nuclear power development is undoubtedly the peaceful use. Indeed, the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) was set up by the UNO in 1957 'to promote safe, secure and peaceful use of nuclear technologies'. Iran was a signatory of the Non Proliferation Treaty (NPT), which bars any state developing nuclear weapons and this restriction is implemented by regular inspection by the IAEA nuclear inspectors.

The development of nuclear technologies in a non-nuclear country is always facilitated by a nuclear power country. But for Iran the situation was somewhat different. No country was willing to help Iran, particularly after the UN embargo, following open antagonism with America. Hence Iran had to do it all by herself.

Iran started to enrich uranium to produce nuclear fuel for nuclear power plants. The required enrichment is 3.1 per cent of U-235 and the remainder is natural uranium, U-238 in light water reactors. Iran had been struggling over a considerable period of time to even achieve this 3.1% fissile U-235 in sufficient quantities using their somewhat inefficient gas centrifuge machines. For nuclear weapons, the enrichment requirement is around 80% U-235. It takes years with hundreds of most efficient gas centrifuge machines to go from 3.1% to 80% of U-235. There are of course other impediments to achieve and maintain this level of enrichment. Regardless of these scientific facts, the vested interests of the world egregiously claimed that Iran was just a few months, or at best, a year away from achieving the required enrichment.

It had the eerie semblance to Bush-Blair claims that there were unambiguous intelligence reports to suggest that Saddam Hussein had Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD) in his arsenal which could be unleashed within 42 minutes. But, after occupying Iraq by America led coalition forces and scouring the whole country for over 10 or more years, not a trace of that WMD had been found. So where is that unambiguous intelligence report?

George W Bush in his State of the Union Address in January 2002 branded Iran as an Axis of evil along with Iraq and North Korea. At his behest draconian embargo was placed by the UN on Iran. Iran reciprocally always viewed America as the great Satan. On top of that Israel, which had developed nuclear weapons surreptitiously in defiance of the whole world, was the most vociferous state in alleging that Iran was developing nuclear weapons. This was Israel's most dubious and deceptive stance, which did not stop in just alleging but physically threatening Iran with military attack. This state of antagonism was the backdrop of this negotiation.

Now I will bring in the other complicit party to this Zionist conspiracy in condemning Iran. This is no other than the self-proclaimed custodian of two holiest mosques in Islam – Saudi Arabia, the keeper of the fundamentalist version of Sunni Islam, the Wahhabism. Indeed Saudi Arabia had put in more than 50 billion dollars over the last fifty years or so to propagate this virulent strain of Islam throughout the whole world. Wahhabism in one form or other had declared Shia sects such as Ismaili, Agha Khani, Baha'i and many others as non-Muslim and now in the process of even branding the main stream of Shia as also non-Muslim.

Wahhabism is Saudi Arabia's religious tool to achieve political goals. What can be more appropriate than vilifying Shia Iran as a vile state illegally developing nuclear weapons against the world opinion? For Saudi Arabia nothing matters most than America's wishes. And as America and Israel walk hand in hand, there is a distinct spectre of Saudi-Jew concurrence.

To stay in power, the Saudi monarch has to have the veneer of Islam and hence propagating fundamentalist philosophy, Wahhabism, comes very handy. The Saudi monarch has the ambition to become the regional super power and the leader of 1600 million Muslims. He is in alliance with the Jews and utterly submissive to Americans; but only power that can thwart his ambition is the Shia Iran. So Saudi power is doing everything to undermine and destroy Shia block.

This Shia-Sunni schism is the principal geo-political strand of Wahhabism. Saudi Arabia along with few other Gulf States had been pouring in military equipment and finance to the rebels in Iraq and Syria against the Shia regimes. A splinter group in Syria had become the ISIL (or Islamic State), aided by Sunni regimes of the Middle East, which is now the most vicious terrorist organisation. That IS is the kingpin of not only killing thousands of non-Muslims and Muslims like Shias alike in Iraq and Syria but also waging world-wide terrorist attacks.

Although it is anticipated that the deal will herald a new beginning between Iran and the rest of the western powers, the vested interests spearheaded by Israel and aided and abetted by Saudi Arabia is going to give a bloody nose. The Israeli prime minister, Binyamin Netanyahu, has threatened that he would go to Capitol Hill (and gather his Jewish troops who are now American Congressmen and Senators) to make sure that the deal is not ratified in America. If it is not ratified in America, the deal fails. However, President Obama said that if it does not get congressional approval, he will cast his veto and make it ratified. But if two third majority can be mastered in the congress by this renegade block, American Presidential veto becomes null and void. So Netanyahu and Saudi block is alliance may aim to have the two third majority in the Congress and kill off the deal.

That Jews will be antagonistic to Iran is understandable. But Saudi Arabia's duplicitous behaviour of ardent Muslim State on one hand and a close complicit with the most ferocious enemy of Islam on the other is most shameful. This is what the custodian of two holy mosques of Islam is partaking in order to keep his power and Islam can be sacrificed if need be.

Iran had been given 60 days to dismantle its enrichment capability and reduce its stockpile of enriched uranium. This step will be verified by the IAEA inspectors. There would be limited withdrawal of sanctions against Iran. In case Iran fails to keep up to the terms of the agreement, sanctions will be re-imposed. In the meantime America will ratify the deal through the Congress. If for one reason or another America fails to ratify, the whole deal unravels. This is what Saudi-Zionist alliance is hoping for.

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