For the Poor Boy Who Was Born in a Wrong Place

Published on Sunday, July 12, 2015

I am feeling sick looking at the face of the poor boy from Sylhet, Bangladesh, who was beaten to death on July 8, 2015.

Four adult criminals are committing such a horrendous act so coolly, with one of them filming the video. The 13 year old, Samiul Alam Rajan, was accused of stealing a three-wheeler rickshaw van. Details of the news can be found at this link.

As I look at the adorable and helpless little boy pleading and screaming, with no fighting back, his innocent face aches my heart so much. I feel, where is humanity? Four adults are torturing a 13 year old, and no one is protesting or trying to save him! It reminds me of Washiqur Rahman Babu's writing where he articulated how the Banglaee Muslims have no sense of right and wrong.

Indeed where people in the society at large have no sense of right and wrong, anything is possible.

People would kill and be willing to die for the 'almighty'! They would 'test their self-restraint' for the almighty by 'shutting down facilities' that provide the enjoyments! They are 'very religious'; yet they 'need to be called for prayer' by loud speakers; they cannot do it without bothering people who might not follow their religion. They need to cover up the women to keep the character of the men. With this kind of reasoning power, it is really no wonder how pathetic they are in terms of human civilization.

I feel so sorry for little Rajan for having been born in a jungle with animals that are more vicious than any kind that can be found in the wild or in the zoos.

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