Islamists and Bangladesh

Published on Friday, June 26, 2015

An Islamist lives in this world to go to 'Bahist' in life hereafter. Allah has sent him to this world only to praise and propagate HIM. Islamist's main duty in this world is to praise Allah and adopt the millennium old culture of Arabia. He is obliged to try hard to convert all non-believers to Islam. He can be violent in this endeavor which is called Jihad. In Jihad he may succeed or die. But in any case Allah will grant him 'Bahist'. This imaginary 'Bahist' is the largest carrot before Islamists.

An Islamist is a sad and morose person. He is always scared of Allah. He cannot laugh, sing, dance, joke or love flower. He does not believe in modern science, logic and humanism. His intellectual faculty is also restricted to his Islam alone. His other main duty is to conduct violent activities for any perceived cause of Islam or its Prophet.

There are three groups of people whom Islamists hate absolutely. They are atheist-humanists, Kafir and apostates from Islam. Islamists consider these three groups of people as natural enemies of Islam. Which is then most dangerous group to Islamists: an atheist-humanist, a Kafir or an apostate from Islam? A kafir believes in non-Islamic religion. And an apostate from Islam is he who has left Islam. Islamic scriptures specify who a kafir or apostate is, what a kafir or apostate is and what bad things should be done to a kafir or apostate by the Islamists. However, concept of atheism-humanism was unknown to Muhammad and compilers of Quran and Hadish. So, main Islamic scriptures are silent about it. Early Islam did not know that a person could be 'humanist' without being a Muslim or follower of any other religion.

Islamists know that an atheist-humanist does not believe in any religion. This group is considered most dangerous by Islamists as it is "neither with us nor with them". Avijits, Babus and Anantas had been utterly negating the Islamists by propagating humanism and scientific enquires. They had been disseminating human values, rationalism, scientific reasoning and compassion for peaceful co-existence and prosperity of human society vis-à-vis irrational religious dogma-based hatred and fanaticism. But as Islamists cannot tolerate anything outside their box of Islam, they killed the likes of Avijit, Babu and Ananta. Islamists do not know that killing of atheist-humanists could never kill the spirit of universal truth. Humanism, independent of religion, will always trump upon religious bigotry.

Scientists say that the earth is heading towards sixth 'mass extinction'. It is too convenient for Islamists to claim that this is due to anger of Allah. But why Allah should be angry and behave like a 'mass executioner' of lives on earth? The only reason is that HE cannot prevent the coming 'mass extinction' as HE does not exist. A time will come in distant future when this earth will not exist and there will not be any human being to praise Allah anymore.

During past some years Islamists in Bangladesh have brought back the vicious memories of Razakar, Al Badar & Al Shams. Moreover, Jamaat, Chhatra Shibir, Tablighi and Hefazot are additionally present in the country. More and more Bangladeshi are following old Arab culture to go to 'Bahist'. Foreign funded Wahhabism is turning Bangladeshi Muslims into Islamists. Attacks on minorities and their places of worship are happening every day. Rich Islamic countries are not helping Bangladesh to be prosperous in this world. By funding for construction of thousands of Mosques and Madaris, they are helping the Bangladeshi Islamists for easy entrance to imaginary 'Bahist'.

All political parties of the country are either drawing supports from these Islamist parties or are scared of them. The present Awami League government has covertly sided with the murderers of Avijit, Babu and Ananta. To Awami League, those murderers are 'good Taliban'. BNP will support Awami League for protecting such murderers. Agenda of BNP is pro-Pakistan and more inhuman.

Is our country fast becoming a failed Islamic State like Pakistan?

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