Bangladesh Islam Bachao Party

Published on Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Members of Awami League, BNP, JP, Hefajot-e Islam, Jamaat-e Islami, Chhatra Shibir, Awami Jubo League, Tablig-e Jamaat and thousand of Ulema etc. etc. have assembled in Shahbag, Dhaka. The members of these divergent groups have kept aside their differences and animosity and have come under a single umbrella to address a common burning issue for all of them, i.e."Islam is in danger in Bangladesh".

The meeting went on very smoothly without any debate, controversy or difference of opinion. It was almost like a condolence meeting. Everybody was sad. All leaders agreed that in spite of being 92 per cent Muslim majorities, Bangladesh has not done enough to stamp the seal of Islam in the country. In spite of constructing tens of thousands of Mosques and Madrasas across the length and breadth of the country, Bangladesh has not done enough for Islam. The leaders agreed that this under-achievement would reduce drastically the entry of the Muslims of the country to 'Bahist'. Thus the issue was so important.

The participants also agreed that Islam could not inspire the Muslims of Bangladesh to follow the path of Messenger who fought about 100 wars in a span of about two decades to force Islam on the people. Though this happened in a far flung desert land of Arabia some 1400 years back there was a need to kindle the same spirit and action in Bangladesh. Keeping that point in mind the participants were ashamed to note that Bangladeshi Muslims have done very little in last forty three years? Destroying a few temples, killing a few Kafir, raping a few Kafir girls, murdering a few free thinkers were not enough. Members of all participating denominations hung their heads in shame for this poor performance by Bangladeshi Muslims.

All members agreed that the meeting was necessitated as killing of three 'free thinkers' in past three months (Ananta being the last) has failed to stop mudslinging against Islam. How dare these 'free thinkers' are demanding for the arrest of our beloved Islamic soldiers who have sent the three 'free thinkers' to 'Dozokh' in recent months. The leaders, however, expressed the fear that the logic and arguments of these 'free thinkers' might destroy the foundation of Islam in Bangladesh. This might also make them jobless. At the end, the leaders of all parties with their followers unanimously resolved to merge into one party. The name of the party would be "Bangladesh Islam Bachao Party" and its symbol would be "Machetes".

By using machetes to kill all 'free thinkers', Bangladeshi Muslims may not remain human beings but they will be real Muslims.