Published on Sunday, May 3, 2015

So Mukto Mona was out of cyber world for some days. We have been facing this problem off and on following the murder of Avijit. However, it has come to life now. All Mukto Monas are happy once again.

I have been honoured to be associated with this enlighten group of people since 3 years. Mukto Mona gave me the unadulterated platform to share my thoughts and views with people whose motto has been to promote humanism, rationalism and freedom of speech with logic and sharp arguments. Senseless religious belief and dogma were criticized in a dispassionate manner to drive home the fact that the essence of human values and scientific temper always remain ahead of religions and rituals.

I accidentally came across Mukto Mona for the first time while surfing in cyber world more than 3 years back and instantly fell in love with it. First I read its articles and was pleasantly surprised to learn that my way of thinking and conviction as a human being are similar to those propagated by Mukto Mona. It was surprising to find so many people who also thought and acted like me. They considered themselves as human being first and try to bring the people particularly of Bangladesh out of century old exploitation of religion and other social injustice.

Initially, I commented on articles published in Mukto Mona. Then I mailed some of my pieces published earlier in other site to Mukto Mona owner for reading. I did not know that he was Avijit. Latter, Avijit gave me access to Mukto Mona to upload my articles. Over the years, Mukto Mona has become a part of me. I rarely had any communication with Avijit. But I am sure that he felt my presence as I felt his. Once commenting on one of my posts an angry Islamist labeled me as 'RAW agent' and gave half true information about my identity and location, Avijit exposed the Islamist so thoroughly on the same day that he did not have any face to respond.

I was born in erstwhile East Pakistan and spent my childhood in the ancestral village home there. When my family left East Pakistan for good, I was a broken child who felt uprooted from his soil. Even in my present elderly age I could not reconcile with loss of my mother land.

I feel obliged to write this post script after about a week of uploading the post. My first article in Mukto Mona was "Mahakumbha: holy dip in filthy water". In that post I tried to tell about the hollowness and stupidity of Hinduism in Mahakumbha rituals. Latter Avijit tacitly suggested that being a Hindu (at least by name), I should focus on Hinduism which would have better impact among visitors. Subsequently though I wrote a few more articles touching on some aspects of Hinduism which were neither holy nor rational, my obsession with Bangladesh had specified my area of major attention. As Mukto Mona has been a blog mainly directed towards Bangladesh and its socio-religious transition, I was sucked into the cobweb of a particular topic and type of writing. I owe no explanation to anybody; but for the memory of Avijit I have added this.

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