Published on Saturday, April 25, 2015

Vadodara and Ahmedabad (India) recently faced two tragic incidences of immense social implications. These incidences may be isolated in nature but give insights in to the prevailing social milieu.

In the first incidence, one 22 years old woman bludgeoned her husband to death with a hammer. The woman delivered a baby just 10 days ago. She disliked her husband for being dark and married him under some familial pressure. After marriage she frequently stayed with her parents. In the fateful night her husband asked her to come to field at night. She was suspicious about his intention and carried a hammer with her secretly. When in the field the husband tried to force him on her, she out of utter disgust and hatred murdered him.

In the second incidence, a housewife lodged complaint of domestic violence against her husband in a Police Station for women some days back. The couple married two years back. When the husband was summoned to the Police Station, the person shouted "T" word thrice to his wife before the Police officials. Then the person phoned a couple of his friends to Police Station and repeated "T" word thrice before them also. The unfortunate and unforeseen incident shocked everybody present there.

Will you care to respond please?

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