Published on Saturday, April 18, 2015

I got tempted to write this post as a sequel of Jahed Ahmed's post "Bangladesh: where words cost lives". Jahed agreed on lamentation of Dr Ajoy Roy about the Bangladesh which has gradually gone in the hands of Islamists. Dr Ajoy Roy also expressed that bangladesh was not liberated from Pakistan for Islamist activities.

Jahed wrote in response to my comment that during freedom struggle of Bangladesh vast majority did not fight for Islamic Republic or Caliphate. What 'vast majority', he was talking of? That was the same vast majority who fought for East Pakistan in 1946-47. 'Vast majority' is a vast bunch of goats. They are driven by national, regional and local leaders and civil society to a particular direction be it creation of East Pakistan or Bangladesh or Islamic Republic or Caliphate. The leaders ignite passion for Pakistan, Bangladesh or Islamic Republic or Caliphate among the vast majority and they act accordingly.

The short lived 'Secularism' in Bangladesh from 1972-75, as told by Jahed, speaks volume about the intention of leadership and role of 'vast majority' in Bangladesh between 1972 and 1975. This proves that 'secularism' in Bangladesh was standing on a false pillar.

I have all along been harboring the feeling that projecting a 'secular' Bangladesh was bait for Indira Gandhi during 1971. There was no reason for her to help in the birth of another Islamic country in eastern front of India while she was disgusted with the one in western front. Mujib played the secular card and after a few years of achieving independence took part in the meeting of OIC held in Pakistan and organized by Bhutto. Bhutto organized OIC meeting to counter his internal and external problems. And by attending that meeting Mujib gave first sure step for Bangladesh away from secularism.

A few lakhs emotionally charged open minded Muslims and all non-Muslims of East Pakistan created a halo of secularism in Bangladesh. The former group truly believed in secularism and latter group wanted an escape route from constant persecution of Pakistan era. After the death of secularism in Bangladesh, both the groups are in denial mood.

The escalated and continuous violence in Indian Kashmir since past decades is an effect of creation of Bangladesh. The surrender of 90 thousand strong Pakistani Army to Indian Army in Dhaka and loss of Bangladesh had mutilated the pride of Pakistan and has been giving sleepless night to Pakistani establishment. Pakistan ignited Kashmir problem and made Bangladesh a country of mosque and madrassa with funds from some Islamic countries. The constant atrocities on minorities (and inaction of government) has been the hallmark of Bangladesh.

The Khagragarh blast in West Bengal, a few months back, established the extension of terrorist activities from Bangladesh to the Indian State. In the Assam University campus (Silchar, Assam), the Islamists openly do propaganda in favour of ISIS. Proximity and support from Bangladeshi Islamists has been the reason for such ominous developments in adjacent Indian States.

BJP has developed a strong hold in Assam and trying hard to get a foothold in West Bengal. BJP is creating a fear psychosis among Hindus about Muslims and future of the region is anybody's guess.

Many Bangladeshi liberal Muslims may not like the fact that from Indian perspective, liberation of Bangladesh was counterproductive. Had Bangladesh been still East Pakistan, the leaders would have remained busy to counter the exploitative actions of West Pakistani leadership and Islamists would not have a condusive environment to grow in Bangladesh.

Bangladesh and secularism are antithesis of each other.

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