Published on Friday, 10 April 2015

One evening, on a busy highway in Dhaka city, a suprobhat bus broke down, and a turag bus rammed into it, though the hit was not very hard, for the bus driver had slammed on the brake on time. If not so, a fatal accident could have happened. Due to the hit, both buses jolted, and some passengers on both buses were injured slightly- passengers at the back of the suprobhat bus were more hurt than others.

After the incident, the passengers on both buses started hollering. At first, all the passenger on both buses blamed the driver of the turag bus that had hit the suprobhat bus. But when the passengers on the turag bus heard from their driver that the suprobhat bus had broken down, they began to accuse the driver of the suprobhat bus. Still, the passenger of bus suprobhat continued accusing the driver of the turag bus, saying why the turag bus driver hadn't stopped the bus before slamming into.

The passenger injured more than others became more infuriated and began striding through the passage between two rows of the seats to get out of their bus, then to attack the suprobhat bus driver. On the other hand, the suprobhat bus backed a little, moved aside and got past the suprobhat bus that kept standing still. When turag bus drove a short distance, passengers of the bus heard a noise approaching and watched through the window that some passengers running after their bus and yelling at the suprobhat bus driver.

Right away, the passenger of the turag bus also became infuriated, started to shout at them and marched towards the door, asking the driver to stop the bus. Meanwhile, the passengers of suprobhat bus reached the door and tried to get into the running bus. Hardly had the turag bus driver stopped the bus to avoid an accident when the angry passengers of the suprobhat bus burst in the turag bus and charged to the driver. But the turag bus passengers and the stuff obstructed them and a fight ensued between the two groups. After exchanging some blows, the turag bus passengers and stuff shoved the suprobhat bus passengers out of the bus, then they also got out of the bus. And in the middle of the highaway, they started to batter them. Immediately, other passengers of the suprobhat bus bolted towards the place.

Watching the suprobhat passenger coming, rest of the passengers of the turag bus left the bus, joined their people, and together they darted to them too. Inevitably, two groups collided head-on, and a riot erupted. Since, unlike the soldiers on a battlefield, the two groups weren't dressed in combat uniforms, they couldn't identify who belonged to their group and who not. Thus, the two mobs turned into one and all the people started to strike one another arbitrarily.

A while later, a person wounded from the fighting escaped the place to save his life. As he was crossing over the road running, a bus ran over him. No sooner had the mob heard the bang than they stopped fighting and rushed to the spot where the injured man was lying down unconscious before the bus that had hit him. Looking at the person covered with blood, the mob became so compassionate that no one could even imagine that they had been fighting with one another. A few people's eyes even brimmed with tears, and some felt a lump in their throat. The mob signaled a passing by private car to stop. When the private car pulled over, two people got into the car with the injured man. They lay him down supine on the back-seat whereas they sat at the two corners- the injured man's head was placed on one person's lap and the legs on another person's lap.

When the private car drove off, the mob became furious again, picked up brickbats and sticks from beside the highway and started to smash the glass of the window and windscreen of the bus that had hit the man, whereupon the passenger of the bus became angry and got out of the bus, screaming at them. Right away, another riot broke out between the two mobs.