Bangalee Muslims are all simple and straight people. They are not communal (the commonly used word for "religious-sectarian" in the Indian subcontinent), do not care for fundamentalism, and are not religiously blind. Whatever (bad) things happen (to them), they happen due to the American conspiracies or the British divide-and-rule policy. They (the Americans and the British) do all these things by luring the straight and simple Bangalee Muslims. Bangalee Muslims are as simple as the babies. They have no fault, nor do they have much virtue. They cannot differentiate between good and bad.

But you could not seek consciousness from them, nor could you try breaking their blind faith. If you did, you would become their enemy. You have to allow them to remain babies. The way babies get upset and break a lot of things; similarly they would from time to time burn the houses of the wrong kind of religious people, and slaughter the atheists. You are not to say anything; if you do, it has to be balanced. Because, you are moderate, civil, intellectual.

The way a mother wants to give her baby tablets (medicine), wrapped inside the sweet balls (a popular Bangalee treat), the same way you would need to try to feed the Bangalee Muslims morality and humanity, wrapped in Islam. Like babies, they would throw the tablet (of morality and humanity), but swallow the sweet ball of religion. Yet, you would have to try this way over and over again. You would have to find the Islamic version of everything; Islamic secularism, Islamic history, Islamic feminism, Islamic science, Islamic evolution, and the likes. For this you would also have to be tested for your own faith. You have to put a cap on your head, and if needed show your circumcision. While trying to feed them this way, the real objective would be lost. Even then Islam is must. There is no way you can say that for non-communalism secularism is needed, that history needs to be learned with no infatuation, that women need equality (with men) because they are necessarily humans, that science needs to be learned with mind in science. Do not raise the question, why would America be able to do as they wish with some people? If you say any of these, you would be deemed as an atheist, an apostate. First you must pass the test of faith. They do not need good education, they do not need science, they do not need logic. All they need is Islam. In the name of Islam, anybody can feed them anything he/she wishes.

When a tiger hunts, hyenas, foxes and vultures keep waiting for the tiger to finish eating, so that they can grab and finish the leftovers. In this country, the moderates, the civils and the intellectuals are like hyenas, foxes and vultures. They always wish for the tiger named America to leave, so that they can play whatever game they wish to with the sheep called Muslims. That is why they cannot tolerate anyone who wants to break the blind-faith and ignorance of the Muslims. If the foolish preys become conscious, their (moderates, civils and intellectuals) bread, earning, fame, all will be washed away.

#I_Am_Avijit #WordsCannotBeKilled

======================= Note from Sukhamaya Bain: The above is my translation of a recent Facebook post by Washiqur Rahman Babu in Bangla, provided to me by my friend, Monorama Biswas. I gave it the title based upon the theme of the post. The gruesome murder of this brilliant young humanist on March 30, 2015, by the insane Islamist criminals disgusts me. After seeing some of his Facebook posts, I feel very strongly and sadly that Bangladesh has lost a great son so prematurely. I salute Babu for his conviction and courage for humanizing his (and my) beloved birthplace and for his ultimate sacrifice.

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