Published on Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Within five weeks of murder of Avijit Roy, another secular blogger has been hacked to death in the broad day light on a busy street of Dhaka yesterday (30.03.2015). This time it was 26 years old Washikur Rahman. Interestingly, the assailants were three machetes wielding Islamists. It was a rerun of Avijit's murder with only difference that two of the three assailants were arrested. One of the two arrested assailants, 20 years old Jikrullah, a Madrassa student from Chittagong, told that the blogger has humiliated his Prophet.

The gruesome murder was done for the honour of a person whose professed historical existence is very doubtful. Jikrullah reached Dhaka on Sunday and stayed overnight in a Mosque to attack and kill Rahman next day. The other arrested assailant, also 20 years old, is a student of an Islamic school in Dhaka's Mirpur.

No prize for doing a situational autopsy. The target was a secular blogger. His murder was committed in daylight on a busy Dhaka street. The weapon used was machetes. Assailants were young students of Islamic schools.

This incident indicates the degree of brain damage found in Islamist youths of Bangladesh. They not only feel comfortable to become criminals but also execute crime with ease and sanity. The absolute apathy of Bangladeshi intelligentsia, to deal with such Pakistan like developments in Bangladesh, is most unfortunate.

Though I don't know Washikur Rahman personally I stand by his family and friends in this hour of tragedy. Washikur Rahman had the courage to express his mind and refused to become a brain dead Muslim.

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