If you ask 'us' who was Avijit Roy, we say that he was a true 'Mukto Mona'. If you ask 'them' the same question the reply will be that he was anti-Islam. So, from 'their' perspective Islamic (?) Republic of Bangladesh does not have any moral authority to punish the assassins of Avijit. To them, Avijit's murder was necessary to save Islam and hence the murder was unlike other criminal activity. To us, the actions (or inactions) of Bangladesh government following the murder of Avijit tell loud and clear that Islamists have dominant power in the country.

If I am excused for my gut feeling, there may be about 0.5 millions of Bangladeshi 'Mukto Mona' and 5 million of Islamists. Rest of the population (excluding small children) can be divided into two groups, viz: (1) educated practicing Muslims and (2) not-so-educated and uneducated practicing Muslims. Both these groups may not like violence in the name of Islam. But they will support the Islamists against any Kafir or atheist who, as per their perception, does or says anything against Islam. This support may be covert, overt or tacit. Against the backdrop of Avijit's murder this is the true face of present day Bangladesh.

I am sure that Farabi is being helped in the custody to hide the truth. He will be a free man within months. The law enforcement authorities of Bangladesh will remain unwilling to apprehend the killers of Avijit. They are wasting time. FBI has come to give an eye wash. Prime Minister of Bangladesh will not allow them to work for fear of facing a country wide religious back lash. The necessary religious passion has already been ignited against Avijit by a section of media.

Unfortunately, in spite of some good socio-economic indices in present day Bangladesh, the country is fast heading to become a failed State. Majority of (Bangladeshi) Muslims are confused if Dween is in beard and burqa or beard and burqa are in Dween. Twenty five years of Pakistan-hood had implanted the ghost of 'Moududi' in Bangladesh. Both AL and BNP have been pampering Islamists for political reason to drive the final nail in the coffin of secular democracy in the country. The only difference between Pakistan and Bangladesh is that the latter is laggard. Bengali conscience could only slow the downhill slide of Bangladesh, but could not stop it.

For the sake of fictional simile it can be said that Avijit was an 'intellectual Abhimonyu' in the religio-political Kurukshetra of Bangladesh and fought a lost battle. But, 'they' should better know the spirit of this statement.


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