The girl with curved nose

Published on Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Once upon a time, I fell in love with a girl whose nose was carved in the middle of it. I was proud of her, thinking in mind that apart from her there was no girl in all over the world who had a curved nose. Her curved nose, mainly, caused me a great fascination for her.

However, having thrown me in the ocean of grief, the girl with a curved nose got married to the boy, one of my friends, to whom she was abundantly devoted. Since they have been married, a long time has passed away. In the meantime, I didn't see her even for one time. At length, two months ago, I came with a chance of meeting her. Her husband got admission in a hospital with heart disease. I scarcely heard the tidings than I, accompanied by a friend, went to the hospital cabin rented by them really to see the girl, but pretending to console her sick husband in his plight. When I entered the cabin, she was in the bathroom showering herself. I thought she was not in the room and felt distress because I assumed that if not today, I would not get any further chance to see her in the near future, and as before long days would pass away without seeing her.

As I was chatting, sitting upon a stool, with her husband lying down on the patient bed and her father and mother in law seated upon a sofa, she suddenly came out of the bathroom and addressed me directly, "Hi, what's up? How long I haven't seen you!" I squinted at her face while answering her formalities and questioning about her business. In my great bewilderment, I noticed that her nose was no longer curved and perceived that my adoration for her almost had been erased from the heart.

Thought over the problem repeatedly some days and been unable to gather any slightest idea, I conversed about it with a friend to make a proper solution. She tried to convince me saying that the girl, perhaps, had her nose done any medical treatment or an operation to get it straight like others. I couldn't rely on her opinion entirely, and the matter appeared to me still so much vague. So I decided to inquire her some photographs taken long ago or on those days when my heart had been fully dedicated to her. Now the question was where I would get some photographs of her of the old days. In the course of time, through a friend I came to know that she had a Facebook account. Then I searched for her account in the online and got it very easily. Fortunately, there were some of her photographs of those days in her profile. I scrutinized those photographs very carefully, but I couldn't find her nose curved in any of those photographs. In every photograph her nose appeared to be as straight as on the day I last saw her in the hospital.

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