Published on Tuesday, November 25, 2014

I wrote some weeks back in this blog that Mamata Banerjee, Chief Minister of West Bengal has fallen in a tight corner situation due to involvement of her party members in the notorious 'Saradha scam'. The Indian central investigating agency CBI has already arrested some of her senior party members. Very recently Mamata made a visit to Delhi ostensibly to attend the 125th birth anniversary function of Jawaharlal Nehru. She attended the function for an hour or so and met BJP leaders like Rajnath Singh (Home Minister), Arun Jaitley (Finance Minister) and L K Advani in her 2 days stay in Delhi. No prize for telling what for did she meet all those BJP leaders.

After Mamata's return from Delhi, another of her party MP (Srinjoy Bose) was arrested by CBI in connection with Saradha scam. Her influential cabinet Minister Madan Mitra was also served notice by CBI for questioning in the same scam. Madan has taken refuse in a State run Kolkata hospital and said to have been suffering from 'anxiety neuroses'.

The wife of Khagragarh (West Bengal) explosion King Pin was arrested some days back in Bangladesh by its security agency. She has confessed that she visited Khagragarh and gave terrorist training to the female madrassa students. Another Pakistani citizen, involved in money transfer for Khagragarh explosion, was also arrested in Chittagong by Bangladesh security force a couple of days back. That Jamaat is expanding its terrorist network and activities in West Bengal and that some members of Mamata's party have connection with Jamaat are becoming clear day by day. Muslim intellectuals of West Bengal are criticizing Mamata for promoting the Mullas for vote bank politics and dividing the Muslim community of West Bengal.

Finding the Saradha noose getting tighter and second noose of 'Jamaat connection' coming around her neck, Matama took her old and crude aggressive posture against BJP (CBI) and went up to the extent of telling in a meeting of her party workers that Khagragarh explosion was a handwork of RAW. Thereafter she took to the streets of Kolkata. But the crowd in her procession was not impressive. Even Bengali cinema's hero number one (Dev) who walked by her side could not attract public.

Generally speaking, there is no governance in West Bengal. It is run by the goons of Mamata's party. She is unable to control her party which has become a collection of many Frankensteins. Did Bengalis of West Bengal bring this "Porivartan"? People of West Bengal can neither believe in Communists nor in Mamata. This will only help the Hindu Communal BJP in West Bengal.

Mamata has become mad at the best and ISI mole at the worst.

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