Published on Friday, September 26, 2014


West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee is in a tight corner situation due to the gradual unfolding of now notorious 'Sharadha scam'. Her party was all along been implicated for receiving financial support from Sharadha. A few senior leaders of her party were questioned by Central or Bureau of Investigation (CBI), government of India, in connection with their alleged involvement in the scam. It was also claimed that one of the paintings of Mamata (her political position made her a painter also) was purchased by Sharadha group by paying an unbelievable amount of 20 million of Indian Rupees. When financial balloon of Sharadha got punctured, Mamata tried her best to downplay the whole issue first by blaming earlier Left Front government and then engaging her State police to investigate the scam who in turn did their job very well as the stooges of Mamata.

So far so good. But recently allegation against Mamata has reached the zenith when it has been alleged that a very big amount of money was siphoned out from 'Sharadha' (by her party) to Bangladesh for financing the cause of Jamaat there. The effort was to influence the Muslims of West Bengal by Jamaat leaders of Bangladesh to vote for her party in last Assembly election in which she came to power. Time will tell the truth but the allegation has shaken Mamata's political foundation in West Bengal. Her party leaders may cry hoarse to portray her clean image, but the task is monumental. Mamata has to master some magic wand to convince the people of West Bengal about the falsity of said allegation.

People in West Bengal are anyway confused between "Mamatar Kshamata" and "Kshamatar Mamata".


It was 98 per cent Muslim populated valley of Kashmir. Only 2 per cent were Hindus. But still Muslims were not happy. They wanted to become 100 per cent Muslim populated and a part of Pakistan. In one winter day of 1990, the Friday Khutba was announced through microphone from many mosques in the valley that Muslims of the valley wanted to secede to Pakistan with Kashmir and Hindu women. In schools and colleges, Hindu boys and girls were being constantly ridiculed and taunted for being Hindus. On smallest pretext, stones were pelted towards Hindu houses. Many influential Muslims openly told that they might regard Hindu professionals of the valley for being doctor, engineer, lawyer or teacher; but from religious perspective Hindus could deserve only hatred. Article 370 of Indian constitution has given Muslims of Kashmir special status and protection. After sunset, no Hindu woman or girl could be seen outdoor. If India won a cricket or hockey match against Pakistan, the Hindus of the valley had to remain scared for they might be beaten up or their property destroyed. Hindus were constantly threatened to leave the valley. Security of the Hindus of Kashmir had been compromised all along. Indian secularists were too shy to protect Hindus there. It was if Hindus in Kashmir were like Hindus of Pakistan. This was the picture of Kashmir valley during 1990s. Now only a few hundreds of Hindus are there in the valley as they do not know or comprehend anything outside Kashmir. Rest is internally displaced refugees literally or figuratively.

Fast forward to mid September 2014. Unprecedented flood has marooned the valley. Indian Army personnel have been tirelessly conducting rescue operation. Muslims are taking all helps from India Army; but many tell that no Hindu should be rescued as Narendra Modi is supposed to do that.

Common Indians are not aware of all these. They know that militant activities of Kashmiri Muslims, through the active support from Pakistan, have been a constant security problem for India. Nobody knows or gives a damn about the plight of Kashmiri Hindus. Yes this is the secularism of India. Three generations of Abdullah dynasty was of no use to Kashmiri Hindus.

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