Published on Sunday, July 27, 2014

"Bhorer Sylhet" of Bangladesh has published a news item from its archive ('Islamic Jahan Category' of 11.07.2012) that Sunita Williams, the American astronaut, had converted to Islam after returning from moon during 2006. Apparently there is nothing wrong with some individual's religious conversion. But an easy search through Google refuted any such claim. It was simply a part of propaganda to say that famous persons are being attracted to Islam. Information obtained in this context is given below:

It has been claimed on various websites, blogs, forums, and in chain e-mails/mass SMS texts, that Sunita Williams had converted from Hinduism to Islam on her return from the moon.

Here is an example of the claim being made:

"Sunita Williams (First Indian woman who went on a space journey few months back) accepted "ISLAM" Masha Allah, bcoz when they were on the moon, they saw towards EARTH, the entire EARTH looked dark, but 2 places on the EARTH GLITERED & looked like SPARKS (Roshni). They were shocked to see that and saw them with the help of telescope and came to know that those two places were "MAKKAH" and "MADINAH" Masha Allah!. Then they decided that after reaching to earth they'll accept "ISLAM". So be proud u'r a Muslim. Allah Hafiz…"

An analysis of all the available facts has shown that Sunita Williams is not the first woman of Indian ethnicity to fly in space, and that she did not go to the moon. She also believes Lord Ganesha was looking after her in space, and even her visit to India upon her return to earth coincided with the Ganesha celebrations.

Furthermore, the images which are used as proof that she converted after witnessing and capturing a miracle, have been available on the net in their doctored form since May 2006, and in their original form since December 1999.

Thus, there is no evidence whatsoever to back up the claim that Sunita Williams, or any of the other unspecified individuals, ever witnessed a miracle in space/on the moon, nor did they ever agree to convert to Islam upon their return to earth.

The catch line "So be proud u'r a Muslim" is funny. How can any Muslim be proud of propaganda? And why to go for such cheap propaganda? Does Islam require such fictitious support? This reflects the intellectual bankruptcy of some Islamists and Muslim bloggers. I am, however, neither interested in Ganesha nor in Islam.

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