Published on Tuesday, July 15, 2014

I know a Muslim youth in his early thirties. He is from a rich, land owning, Ashraf family of India. Though a third generation Western educated Muslim, he is extremely conscious of his Ashraf linage. He is a clean shaven and non-practicing Muslim. He never went to Madrassa but did his schooling from a Christian boarding school. He can read English Qur'an only. He does not pray or keep Ramadan fast. His father and uncles are highly placed in Civil Services. He is very articulate, does a good job and modern in outfit.

Apparently, there is nothing unusual about the said Muslim youth. But recently, his remarks in a social medium were found to be shocking. He wrote that he loved Qur'an, Hadith and Sunnah. He asserted Sunni Islam as the best religion and invited non-believers to the fold of Sunni Islam. He has the stupidity to tell that 'non-halal' meat contained some toxin.

Religious consciousness with an overt sense of Sunni Islamic superiority, as well as, open promotion of Qur'an, Hadith and Sunnah in twenty-first century is apparently not commonplace for such a Westernized, educated, non-practicing and rich Muslim youth. Then why his sudden change? Has this Muslim youth been suffering from any perceived identity crisis in India? Or is he trying to use Sunni Islam as a sharp tool for social assertiveness? Or is he expressing his megalomania through Islam? Or does he really believe in the 7th century Arabian construct propagated by a desert leader? Or has he made some make-belief religious world of his own and has been defending it? The actual answer is anybody's guess.

But such dogmatic transformation in a person is not unique either. There were highly educated but brainwashed persons in erstwhile Communist countries, who had the conviction that Communism (Marxism) was the truest path. Such peoples were 100 per cent indoctrinated in Communism. In the instant case, complete indoctrination of the Muslim youth has occurred in Islam. That's why he has behaved like that. Incidentally, I find many similarities between Communism and Islam. While the former promises a utopian State in this world, the latter promises a utopian Paradise in after world. Let us look at some of these similarities between Communism and Islam.

  1. Communism: Human society will be economically, socially and politically just only through continuous 'class struggle'. Islam: An economically, socially, politically and religiously just Ummah will be achieved through Jihad only.
  2. Communism: Proletariats should violently capture political power. Islam: Soldiers of Islam should constantly strive for Jihad to acquire political power in Dar-al Harb.
  3. Communism: Society should run by Centralized Dictatorship of proletariats. Islam: Islamic society should function only under the Sharia, interpreted by a bunch of self-righteous and authoritative Ulema.
  4. Communism: Actual power will not be in the hands of proletariats but in the hands of elites representing proletariats. Islam: Arab Ashrafs will perpetually remain at the centre of Islamic power.
  5. Communism: Collectivism in production should replace individual's aspirations and merits. Islam: Regimentation of religious rituals is a must in Islam.
  6. Communism: Communism is answer to all questions and queries of human minds. Islam: All knowledge is available in Qur'an.
  7. Communism: A person who does not believe in communism is mad. Islam: Iman is the soul of Islam & people without Iman are sub-human Kafirs.
  8. Communism: Number one enemy of Communism is Capitalism. Islam: Number one enemy of Islam is Kafir.
  9. Communism: Absolute rejection of religion. Islam: Absolute acceptance of religion.

I apprehend that this Muslim youth has all the potential of becoming an 'ardent Islamist' and by extension, sympathizer of Muslim terrorists if, in worse case, he does not become a Jihadist himself.

However, to be brainwashed with Islam one need not have to be educated, urban, rich and non-performing Muslim. As any semi-educated, uneducated, rural or poor person could be brainwashed with Communism, so Muslims can be with Islam.

Islam and Communism are identical in many basic aspects and sooner or later, Islam will have the same fate as that of Communism.

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