Published on Monday, 2 June 2014

A news report from Washington says: "Close on the heels of the spectacular BJP win in the general election, Hindu-American activists in the United States have for the first time, under the banner of a political action committee, publicly endorsed a slate of congressional candidates in the 2014 US primaries."

Some Hindus have launched a 'Hindu American Political Action committee' (HAPAC) in US for the purpose. The news is abominable. It signals the coming of a monstrous development of religion (Hindu) based politics in US. All sane persons hate this monster of religion based politics and should condemn HAPAC. Americans are Americans. If some group feels emotionally attached to their country of origin, then the name of the country/continent can be prefixed at the best. Examples are Indian Americans, African Americans, and Pakistani Americans. But in no way it should be Hindu Americans or Christian Americans.

Some days back, I wrote in this blog that Hinduism was never expansionist in nature. But this pig headed Hindus of US have sort of proved me wrong. Though strictly speaking it cannot be called Hindu expansionism, but in essence the idea of mixing religion and politics by HAPAC in US will try to develop a separate Hindu identity in the politics of US leading to more social disharmony in US in future. This may also be a precedence for other countries to develop such obnoxious religion based political organizations.

Down with HAPAC.