Published on Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Suzanna Arundhati Roy (writer of "The God of Small Things" which was published in 1997) labels India as a "Hindu Corporate State". She criticizes Modi and RSS whenever she gets a chance. She markets 'Babri Mosque' and 'Gujarat riot' as symbols of her secular intellectuality. She bypasses 'Godhara incident' with great vagueness; but speaks about second by second details of Gujarat riot. She does not speak of Kasab and cries for Afzal Guru. She does not remember Mumbai serial blasts. She has not heard of 'Indian Mujahidin'. She is pathologically silent about the hijack of Air India plane to Kandhahar.

Arundhati Roy considers India an occupation force in Kashmir. As Civil Rights Activist, she tells that Kashmir was never a part of India. No one knows about her definition of India. However, was Maharaja Ranjit Singji a non-Indian? Has she heard of 'Rajatarangini' written by Kalhana?

Arundhati does not know that Pakistani flags are hoisted in thousands of Indian Muslim dominated pockets when Pakistan wins a cricket match against India. And if at all she knows, she makes Hinduism and RSS-BJP responsible for this. She has the inhuman audacity to state that the notorious 'Nirbhaya' gang rape in Delhi during December 2012 is a symbol of 'class struggle'. She is silent on the fact that every day six women/girls are raped in Delhi alone, her present place of residence.

Arundhati Roy does not talk of the complex social, political, economic and religious history and developments of the sub-continent to relate her arguments; but speaks in a fashion as if India was born along with RSS. She is presently scared of BJP-RSS fascism in India. She looks at India and BJP-RSS through a pipe of her liking without considering the context and background. There is a big market where her air-conditioned-room blab la sells like hot cakes. She does her business pretty well there.

Arundhati Roy simply criticizes; but does not give any vision as to what India should be vis-à-vis Islamic hegemony and perpetual hostility of Pakistan since 1947. She does not speak about the plight of non-Muslim minorities in Pakistan and Bangladesh. If she considers herself to be a 'human rights activist', why can't she take up the issue of minorities in Pakistan and Bangladesh? Her rhetoric about Hindu hegemony in India is reflective of her total ignorance about Islam. Like many self styled intellectuals, she possibly thinks that "Islam means peace". She better study Islam thoroughly at first. For a starter, Islam does not believe in secularism. Islam has Dar-al-harb where Jihad is justified. Arundhati Roy rubs shoulders with so called liberal Muslims and does not know that Muslim society (even in India) is controlled by Ulema and not by so called liberals and proclaimed secularists like her. In Islam there is nothing like 'human right'. All rights are reserved for Muslims.

Arundhati Roy, by birth, is a combination of Bong and Mallu. Her childhood and married life have not been conventional in Indian standard. Her Human Right activism is not holistic and only centered round Muslims of India. Why can't she visit Nigeria and give statements against Boko Haram? Why can't she visit Pakistsn and shout against the recent desecration of Sikh Holy Book there? She prefers the safe land of India for her intellectual Nautonki.

I am neither a believer of Hinduism nor a supporter of BJP-RSS; but I want Arundhati Roy should have a universal perspective and human mind in her much publicized 'human rights activism'.

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