Published on Thursday, May 22, 2014

Mr Biplab Pal (I take him as Bangladeshi; if I am not wrong) has written an article on Modi's electoral success in Bangla Blog of Mukto Mona on 16.05.2014 and a comment on the article was given by Mr Tarik on the same day. I give below my observations on some of the points of the said article with a small tail piece. I am sorry that I can't write in Bengali. Otherwise the observations would have come in Bangla Blog earlier:

Mr Biplab Pal wrote: "মোদিকে কোন ভারতীয় মুসলিম ভোট দেয় নি"

I said: Who told you that? In Uttar Pradesh, BJP would not have got 70+ seats without Muslim vote. Try to find out what M J Akbar has said in this respect.

Mr Biplab Pal wrote: "ভারতের ধর্মনিরেপেক্ষ পার্টি বা রাজনীতি বলে কিছু নেই।কংগ্রেস , সপা, সিপিএম এদের ভ্রান্ত ধর্ম নিরেপেক্ষ নীতি একদিন বিজেপিকে মহীরুহ করতই"

I said: If anything of 'secularism' remains in Indian sub-continent, it is only in India, as majority Hindus of India are not communal even today. You cannot comment on the secularism of India because BD is not a secular country. You remain Islamic and want India to be secular in letter and spirit. Now it is BD's turn to show some secularism before you talk about it.

Mr Biplab Pal wrote: "কারন বিদেশনীতিতে হিন্দুত্বের ছাপ থাকবেই"

I said: So long BD remains a member of OIC, do you have any moral right to give such comment?

Mr Tarik commented: "আর ভারতে যদি হিন্দু-মুসলমানদের মাঝে গন্ডগোল লাগিয়ে দেয়, তাহলে এর প্রভাব বাংলাদেশেও পরবে!"

I said: Don't make an unrealistic statement please. Atrocities on minorities of EP/BD have been continuous since 1946 and RSS or BJP does not come anywhere near the communal Muslims of EP/BD. How many reactive riots were committed by RSS in India in response to riots in EP/BD? You should not forget the secularism practiced in West Bengal just across the border. Where is BJP in West Bengal today? Have you learnt anything from West Bengal? Hindu vote consolidation in favour of BJP has surprisingly occurred only in Assam and we know the reason.

Tail piece:

Let you stop driving BJP mad by talking on and on about it's supposed Hindu agenda. Let you stop preaching about the things which you don't practice. Otherwise your one sided comments will make you one eyed. By the by, BJP has got only 31% of vote share in this election; at least 10% less than any other party who came to power in the past. In other words, more than two-third voters in India have not supported BJP. Now Azam Khan, the fire brand Muslim leader of Samajwadi Party has stated that Muslims of Uttar Pradesh are secular and that is why BJP took all but 7 seats in this State. What a Mojburi for Azam Khan? On the other side, "Saalam" & "Dua" loving Mamata has expectedly asked her party MPs to boycott the swearing-in ceremony of Modi as Prime Minister of India. She is too scared to show even courtesy to Modi for ever increasing Muslim population (votes) of West Bengal. Meanwhile, Amma (Jaylalitha) has congratulated Modi who in turn has assured all supports for Tamil Nadu. In this situation, Mamata is expected to follow her teacher (CPM) and start agitation against Modi government for step-motherly attitude towards West Bengal and the State will remain as backward as it is.

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