Published on Saturday, January 11, 2014

So Bengalis of Bangladesh have won the first round. By giving capital punishment to Bangla Bhai, Khaleda led BNP had shown a no-nonsense attitude. The Islamic terrorism in BD faced a set back with the death of Bangla Bhai. Credit for this definitely goes to BNP & Khaleda. But due to political compulsion, BNP kept on maintaining a close link with Jamaat and raised doubts in the minds of secular/progressive Bangladeshis about the ulterior intension of Khaleda and Co.

BNP, as such, has been a party mainly supported by the members of Islamist groups and sympathizers of old Paki slaves of Bangladesh, viz: Razakars, Al Badr, Al Shams and Peace Committee etc.. They don't want to know that wealthy and snob Pakis call Bengali by the name 'Bingo'.

Hasina, by hanging Quader Mullah, and continuing with determination to conduct the 5th January election of Jatio Sansad in a way, that her party thinks to be correct, has shown the strength of her character.

Gonojagoron Mancho in Shahbag showed the ray of hope first. The vandalism, arson, murder and burning etc. perpetuated by BNP-Jamaat combination following the banning of Jamaat, hanging of Quader Mollah and holding of election to Jatio Sansad on 5th January have been very sternly and maturely handled by Hasina government in past several weeks. In spite of repeated requests from BNP supremo, no foreign power worth of its salt has sent any observer to Bangladesh during 5th January election. It may appear that democracy has failed in Bangladesh (5th January election). But let it be so for the time being because Bangladesh has survived from the clutches of the associates of Mullahs and Islamists. And that is more important.

As a result BNP-Jamaat combination got substantially neutralized for the present. They are now leaking their wounds. Hasina has also struck the iron when it is hot. Jamaat is out in the wilderness and BNP has been given two options, i.e either to accept the results of 5th January election or to come to negotiation table for holding a fresh election.

Non-Muslim minorities of Bangladesh are no longer of any consequence in country's politics. They are a scared lot and too busy for their physical survival only. It is the main stream Bangladeshi Muslims who have shown a very high degree of resolve to dissociate from BNP-Jamaat at least for the time being. Islam has taken a back seat in Bangladeshi politics and the result is before all.

Hasina has got a chance of her life time to rebuid Bangladesh It is a win-win situation for BAL and her. Following 1971, BAL never found such a good and favourable political and social situation in Bangladesh. BAL can use this as a golden opportunity to build up a secular 'Sonar Bangla'. But the failure of BAL will bring doom's day for the country in near future.

Jai Shahbag and Jai Bangla.

NB: I feel that Bangladeshi Army will not enter into the picture now to burn its fingures.

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