Published on Friday, January 3, 2014

Malaysia's Ulema have recently issued fatwa that the word 'Allah' cannot be used in Malaysian Bible and seized hundreds of such Bibles. In other words, 'Allah' word has been patented by the Muslims. Malaysia is heading for more Islamic intolerance. Islam recognizes the people of Books (Christians & Jews) and label Qur'an as continuity and ultimate culmination of old and new testaments. But Malaysian Ulema have decreed that the Arabic word 'Allah' is the exclusive monopoly of Muslims alone.

Beyond the sign of Islamic intolerance, the said fatwa reflects the ignorance and Arabian slavery by Malaysian Ulema. Any idiot on earth even knows that, 'Allah' is a pre-Islamic Arabic word of same meaning as in Islam. Muhammad simply borrowed it for Islam. The word was not revealed from the heaven like Qur'an.

The intension of Malaysian Christians, in using the word 'Allah', is very simple. They want to use the term which is in the dominant culture of the country. In Bengali Bible, the Bengali word 'Ishwar', which is nearest to the meaning of word 'God', is used. By and large, Christians live by observing local culture and traditions. They even offer prayer in mother tongue (local language).

The Malaysian Ulema have again proved that cultural slavery of Arabia is the life line of Islam. And they are the slaves of Arabia. The close corollaries of the fatwa are: HE is an Arab WHO simply belongs to Arabic Muslims and all non-Arab Muslims should imitate Arabs to be Muslims. The remote corollaries are: Arabic 'Allah' is located in Arab only; even HE cannot dare to go and stay in any non-Arab community and HE does not like non-Muslims to use the Arabic word 'Allah'. What a pathetic kind of self imposed slavery!

The Prime Minister of Malaysia, Najib Razak is allegely behind all this to divert majority people's anger for his subsidy cuts which are likely to put financial pressure on common citizen. In all Islamic countries, Islam has been serving the vested interests of ruling class since the death of Prophet.

I, under no situation, am endorsing Christianity here.

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