Published on Monday, May 6, 2013

Blasphemy in Islam has no reference in Qur'an and Hadith. This is a later creation of Jurists (Ulema). The Ulema are a power hungry lot. They exert authority on all aspects of Muslims' lives. Combination of politicians with Ulema in the issue of blasphemy law is deadly. Why a religion needs stringent blasphemy law to protect it and its Prophet? It surely does not. But, in the name of protecting Islam and Prophet, the Ulema-politician combination is actually protecting their authoritative and political position.

The blasphemy law in Pakistan has not done anything good. It has been used to persecute the minority and rational Muslims only. Blasphemy law is a tool in the hand of Ulema-politician combination to get support from radical Muslims who also have vested interests in the power game.

The current mass violent protest organized by Hefazat & Shibir supporters in Dhaka for imposing blasphemy law (and fulfilling other demands) actually reflects the agenda of Ulema-politician combination of Bangladesh and not of Islam. BNP has also extended support to this protest. The picture is complete. 'Let's go to Shahbagh' and 'Agents of India beware' – are their slogans.

In spite of different limitations and shortcomings, the executive, judicial and legislative institutions of India are presently headed by a Shikh, Muslim and Dalit respectively. The Vice President of India is also a Muslim. All aspects of India's Hindi film industry have been enriched by Indian Muslims. The legendary Hindi film maker Mehboob Khan made 'Mother India' in nineteen fifties. Had he been in Pakistan, the very name 'Mother India' would have been blasphemous. K Asif's "Mughal-e Azam' is a watershed in Indian cinema. The Khan heroes and all other Muslim personalities of Indian cinema are loved by majority non-Muslim Indians because of their worthiness.Can any Hefazati even comprehend this aspect of India?

In actual it is not Islam but Bangladesh is in real danger from Hefazat, Shibir & BNP. Awami League is also not legging behind in the list. If Bangladesh cannot survive, how Islam there will survive? Does the present violent protest by Hefazat and Shibir in Bangladesh tell that a poor country has poor intelligentsia?

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