Published on Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Dr Sukhamaya Bain and Dr Jaffor Ullah in their last two posts have expressed concern over the recent trend of radicalization of Islam in Bangladesh.

Unfortunately Bangladesh had no other possibility. It was pre-destined. The free thinkers are only a few in the country. And like some comet, rationalism and free thinking visit East Pakistan/Bangladesh but with irregular periodicity. Bhasha Andolon, freedom struggle and Shahbag have been such time. Thousands of Ulema who control each aspect of mental and physical life of Bangladeshi are actual representatives of Prophet. There is possibly no escape from 7th century Arabia.

Expressing our concern on Islamisation of Bangladesh is one side only. The more important side is as to how the issue can be resolved.

In the following lines I have made an appeal to the youths of Bangladesh.

Dear youths of Bangladesh,

There is nothing like 'good religion' or 'bad religion'. There are only good people or bad people. This cuts across all the religions. Man cannot live alone. He has to live in a society. In this pluralistic world, there should be space for all. A better and peaceful Bangladesh is for the benefit of all Bangladeshi. Without diluting the dogmas of Islam, this cannot be achieved in Bangladesh. The first verse in your conscience should be about 'humanity'. And this should be the last verse also.

Religions create division and cripple the rational thinking among the people. This was/is done by the 'contractors' of all religions. Then there are situations like 'majority' and 'minority'. Where one particular religion is in majority, the people of other religions are subjugated. Some again want to convert people of minority religion with the hope of going to paradise after death. This is ridiculous.

The concept of 'paradise' and 'hell' is to be-fool people. This is found in every religion. It is nothing but a major psychological 'carrot and stick' to keep people under control. But vested interests have used it for their own agenda. How a Muslim can go to paradise after forcefully converting some non-Muslims to Islam in Bangladesh? Why all non-Muslims have to go to hell after death for being infidel? If any religion approves such inhuman teaching, then it is bullshit. Nobody has seen paradise or hell after death. These are only in our heads during this life.

It is, therefore, no good to run after the delusion of paradise and hell. Believe in rational humanity. Think rationally and act with humane conviction. Come out of the clutches of illiterate or semiliterate 'custodians' of Islam. Think about the illiteracy, poverty and hunger of your country. This is not due to the 'will' of any fictitious Allah. You alone are responsible for this. When you will understand this, the ways to solve these problems will automatically open up without any 'divine intervention' which is anyway non-existent.

Think about the history of your country. To avoid Hindu hegemony you went for a Muslim country. Then the Islamic Pakistan wanted to impose Urdu on you. You fought for your mother tongue. Then Muslims of West Pakistan exploited Muslims of East Pakistan and even denied your political right to rule Pakistan. You achieved independence through a major blood bath. Where was 'Islam' during that long period? Even now the different Bangladeshi Islamic terrorist groups, with help of Pakistan, are trying to nibble your country from within like termites. Thousands of private madrasas are not producing good people but blind Muslims to aggravate the situation. Zia-ul-Haq radicalized Islam in Pakistan for his political interest and see what has been happening in that country now. Many rich and high middle class Pakistani Muslims have additional residence outside Pakistan to be of use if they have to leave a Talibanised Pakistan in future.

Please don't allow Bangladesh to move in that direction.

Fraternally yours -Bhaskar

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