Published on Saturday, March 23, 2013

In a central Myanmar town, the local Buddhist mobs have set fire to homes and mosques of Muslims two days back leaving at least 20 people dead and about 6000 homeless. The President of the country has declared a state of emergency in and around the riot ridden town. The attacks on Muslims by Buddhist hardliners have been occurring off and on in Myanmar since some time. The new found democracy in the country after about fifty years of military rule is facing tuff challenge to maintain law and order. This recent violent atrocity against Muslims in Myanmar reminds last year's brutalities by Buddhists against Rohingya Muslims of the country.

The minority Muslims of Myanmar have all rights to lead a safe and dignified life in their own country. Their lesser number cannot allow the majority Buddhists to attack Muslims and demolish their houses and mosques. These are barbarian acts of human right violations.

Though I don't believe in any religion, Buddhism shuns violence of any form. But this religion of peace has shown its bare claws in Sri Lanka also. Buddhism is gradually turning in to a violent religion. This is definitely an ominous sign.

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