BOOK PUBLISHED - Islam Dismantled, The Mental Illness of Prophet Muhammad

Published on Sunday, August 5, 2012

Dear friends

This book dismantles Islam by exposing the imposture of Muhammad. The historical Muhammad is too privileged to be formally evaluated in the fashion a clinical psychologist would like. But given certain of his well-known and highly documented behaviors, it is certain that he had a conflict-ridden psychological dependence on others. He was not capable of introspection. He had shown all the symptoms of his lunacy and his prophetic claim was based on the quicksand of grand delusion. But the irony is that the entire religion of Islam is based on the truth claim of such a man who could easily swing back and forth between the two extremes - reality and fantasy. Like the mythological Narcissus, he actually worshipped his own image - not God. He had created Allah in his own image and attributed to that God the qualities of his own self. He used Islam to pervade Muslim psyche, and possessed their mind. Islam is an extremely defenseless religion and hence vulnerable to collapse. "Defenseless" in the sense, there is not a single atom of truth in it to support. This failed religion, originated from the grand delusion of a malignant Narcissist, is the biggest hoax humanity has ever seen. It is like a house of cards - looks tall, big, mighty and gigantic but the base is very weak. The aim of this book is to diagnose Muhammad by making use of biographical data and through the application of psychological theory and research. This psychobiography is all about the "why" - the question of motives. It uncovers the private motives behind his public acts. This book presents two theses - Muhammad suffered from malignant narcissism, and was also affected by neurotic disorder which caused regular psychiatric delusions. You can buy the book from various online book sellers. Otherwise you can order the book from any reputed book-stiore. Please remember, this book is a non-profit making project. Hence the cost is very low. sells the book at the following link.

But before you purchase the book, please read a review of the book at the following link.

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Sujit Das (The Soldier of Truth and Defender of Humanity)

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