Few Sign of Creation of this Universe still available

Published on Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Few signs of creation of this universe are still available in the Yellowstone National Park.

We don't know when this person climbed up and for how long he engrossed into the beauty of the nature. Maybe he had meditated for hours after hours to feel the touch of creation of each granule of the Minerva Terrace; its various color combination, and its majestic sculpture of phenomenal geometric shapes. Did God make all these or the whole process is a natural phenomenon? One day, six billion years ago, one molten piece had dislodged from our sun and started rotating on its own axis and around the sun. Over the years, it cooled down; but the process has not stopped yet. The surface cools faster than the interior. The interior is still hot and has been diffusing heat out by forcing hot water and minerals in the form of volcanoes, geysers, fumaroles, etc.

Scientists are discovering the amazing tenacity of life. Because organisms live and prosper in hot, gaseous conditions on Earth, perhaps even extreme environments of other worlds can support life.

It is basically about a visit of the Yellowstone National Park including lots of pictures and video clips

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