The Nobel Prize, 2011

Published on Sunday, October 2, 2011

The Nobel Prize, 2011 By Adnan Lermontov

Increasingly, the world is becoming predictable. How predictable is the world now? Well, we have seen how multiple Africa-Americans won the Oscar after the 9/11. With this in mind, let us look at year 2011. When one reads the following list, one sees a connection: Norway, Anders Behring Breivik, Islamophobia, Terror Attacks, Middle-East in Revolt, and the Nobel Prize.

The first decade of this millennium convinced me that the Twenty-First Century would be a century where people will try to learn, once again, how to deal with their boredoms in many ways, and therefore, will mess things up, in many ways, once again. After the, glorious or not, scientific advancement of the Twentieth Century, we will go back to magic, God, and superstition again, in the Twenty-First Century. We live in a Post-Modern world, and finally, convincingly we have begun to see that there is no thin line between the sane and the insane. There is no pure evil. There is no pure good. Living is a mere act of survivable through justification of our wrong-doings. The world has become too predictable.

Having said that, I predict, in 2011 there could be multiple Muslim Nobel Prize winners. And these winners could be atheists, but they will all have an Islamic background. The Nobel Prize in Peace and Nobel Prize in Literature will for sure meet the prediction. And from the scientific categories, I am predicting at least one winner to meet the prediction as well. In short, it could be a great year for the Muslims or people with an Islamic background. If that happens I would be very satisfied, simply because it will send a clear message that though the world is predictable, it is not one-sided. At least the world tries to be fair and united, and it supports multiple narratives or sensitivities.

Adnan Lermontov

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